How to quote the rules

One of the things you will likely be asked to do is quote the rules. It is important you get this right to avoid confusion.

Step 1

In another tab go to Dark Gaming - Terraria Server Rules

Step 2

Using your mouse (or touchscreen) select the entire text of the rule, including the heading.


Step 3

Click on the button that shows up after selecting that says “Quote”.

Step 4

This will show up in the composer for a reply

Step 5

Copy all the text in the textbox and paste it into your reply to your ban appeal. You need to add a sentence along with the quote to be allowed to post.

Step 6

Your reply should look like this once posted:

Note that if you break multiple rules, you will need to quote each one and copy and paste each quote into your reply.

Auto banned for posting an ip after entering a long version number
Legend_27 Ban Appeal (new)
TheVoid's Ban Appeal
Draiko's Ban Appeal
My justified ban, but my attempt to appeal
Tlmothy,s ban
2MuchRed's Ban Appeal
Moonlxght's Ban Appeal
Fryman's Appeal
Fryman's Appeal
Keash :))'s new ban appeal
Sombreroplanteros' radical ban appeal
Https:// ban appeal by randy12
Tru3thful's Ban Appeal (READ DISCLAIMER FIRST)
Tru3thful's Ban Appeal (READ DISCLAIMER FIRST)
Adducta laceratio - Ban Appeal
SushiRust's Ban Appeal
Another one lol
Ban appeal; mark 2!
RyBoi's ban appeal 3
The last ban apeal I will make (or not)
Hey, I have a question
Ban Appeal for cheating (Executor)
Banned for abusing glitch in survival
Can someone unban me :(
28/05/21 appeal for pedro
Ban Appeal from user MarkTZY
HELP Don't type Hive Pack I.D
Unban Appeallllll
Can I get unbanned please?
Ban appeal for cheating in survival (Vaylerene)
Fair Caps Ban. (2ndy) Rofle Pls Notice
I should be most grateful if u unbanned me
I should be most grateful if u unbanned me
My banned appeal fixed up I think
Unban me please its not fair
I was banned because there's a zenith in the trash
Please help i got banned
Can you unbanned me plss I just want to have fun in zombies :(
That Was My Fault... Im Sorry
Hiroshi Shamra ban appeals
Can you guys remove my ban please
Hiroshi Shamra ban appeals
Hiroshi Shamra ban appeals
Expert Ace Ban Appeal (1 year ago) (Remake)
I'm sorry with all my heart for what happened
Ban Appeal; Please, I would be delighted if you take the time to read these
Ban Appeal_
I am sorry for the inconvenience and I apologize for the illegal way of playing
Can you unban me?
MichelleZ's Ban Appeal
Can you please unban me
Can you please unban me
Off-Brand Cereals Appeal
Llamabro1221's ban
Got banned for a joke
Water Bottle's Ban Appeal again
VilsasIsABot ban appeal D:
Mynameisstarves Ban appeal
Invisi's Ban Appeal
VeryEpicGuy's ban appeal
Iaicy's Ban Appeal : I am Deeply sorry about the violation of the ToS
Whoyu ban appeal D:
Whoyu ban appeal D:
An interesting ban to say the least
I got banned for stack hacking even though it was not me
I will follow the rule again i will never do hack or cheat
I will follow the rules and never cheat anymore
Resolute314's Ban Appeal
Sorry for using godmode in zombie gamemode
BobbySauce ban appeal for Advertising
BobbySauce ban appeal for Advertising
Banned because my little brother downloaded hacked client
Probably my dumbest mistake yet
Loptyeir Ban Appeal 9/4/2021 *VERY SERIOUS* unironically
Loptyeir Ban Appeal 9/4/2021 *VERY SERIOUS* unironically
Goukis Chlorobot ban apeal
Being banned
Being banned
Being banned
Im sorry for using the forbidden walmart terra blade
Ban appeal (ignore this part apparently can't use the same topic name)
Обжалование запрета
My ban on dark gaming
Ban appeal 7656 - hacking(?)
Behold... ~Potato~
Banned for impersonation of nobody
About My Ban Appeal
Making a item exploit in survival
About My Ban Appeal
Flxxvs ban appeal for cheating
Ban appeal- SlenderGaming200
I am very sorry about what ive done for the fast few months and i know that ive been exuding too much toxic behaviour
I need to be unbaned
I was banned and i'm sorry:)
Banned by reckless mistake pasting wall of text in chat
Bird God's unban request
Aeri ban appeal
Unban FunkVG
Mestre Cerberus Ban
Mestre Cerberus Ban
Never Ending Story
Dgrs ban appeal
Game name td ban appeal
Appeal of prohibition by santyvicente33
Srry for the accidental exploit
Ban appeal for thetruevoidman4 ( Version 2 because i wasnt banned when i made the last one)
Ban Appeal from Ferbey
Overpowered's ban appeal
Help me please, Hi, Im The Terrarian, 7903
Help me please, Hi, Im The Terrarian, 7903
ZenithG's ban appeal
Banned:Character name Oofity
Ban Appeal (Mikey Saved) (ban#: 8052)
This is about how i've got banned for using racial slurs
I am innocent, I swear
Legend_27 (Ban Appeal)
Appeal for a ban
Taking items from hackers Ban Appeal
Ban appeal lamo
Ban appeal :p
Blister's Ban appeal
Stupidest question ever
NateTheGameK's (4th and Hopefully Final) Ban Appeal
Really just another ban appeal
Enemy gamer's Ban Appeal
Player7's ban appeal
Ban appeal 5844
Ban Appeal 8206
Serra's ban appeal
May i be unbanned so i can play survival?
I want you to unban me please
Ban Appeal (Cheating)
I want you to unban me please :(
I want you to unban me please :(
I want you to unban me please :(
Appealing a false ban
ItsDiv's ban appeal (again) (pls dont treat me as a non existent person)
Appealing a false ban
Unban me, I was banned for trying to bypass caps i think
Ban appeal (abusing exploit)
One more chance?
Kaylode's 2nd Ban Appeal
Unban iXaster_
Ban: Immortality in zombies gamemode
Reason S1#4, S1#5. Racism, profanity at others. 2nd appeal
Ban appeal 3rd
I was banned ( for using clients )
Nakroth ban appeal
Can you unban me please?
Can you unban me please?
2nd appeal bcs the other one got outdated bcs i gave up and didnt know what to do
Sturmgeist89 ban appeal, 3/21/2022
Sturmgeist89 ban appeal, 3/21/2022
Saying Racist Slur Ban Appeal
My Dark Gaming Ban Appeal
Advertising Ban Appeal
Banned for Exploit/Hacked Client
Saying Racist Slur Ban Appeal
Ban Appeal for Lanquio2
Ban for Existing
Ban Appeal for Lanquio2
Kaylode 4th ban appeal, plz respond
Banned - won't do again
Ban Appeal Re-up: Toxicity
Please give me another chance
Cheating Ban Appeal
Toxicity/racism in chat
Toxicity/racism in chat
Hi I was banned for racism
U0a's 2nd ban appeal
Yoshiyoyo's ban appeal
BAN APPEAL, sorry for griefing the ocean
Ban Appeal for sz
Would like to ask how I was using "sexual and personal topics" for an unban
Xaster's Ban Appeal #3 #3
Ban Appeal for profanity, Cursedblaze
SylvieGoo Ban Appeal
Apology letter
I made a careless joke sorry russ
I made a careless joke sorry russ
Apology letter
Banned for "Impersonation of staff"
Ban Appeal v2
Ban appeal out my stupidity
Miles the Magician's Ban Appeal #5
My Brother Got Me Banned
Ban Appeal 5
Disi's appeal
Yeeted's ban appeal
Dupe glitch discover by an accident
Mafuyuu's ban appeal
A Person's Ban Appeal
Sturmgeist Ban Appeal 6/19/2021 (Attempt 3)
Mobile appeal
Dupe glitch discover by an accident
I stole modded bars
Character Name:Oofity
DukeFatron’s Ban Appeal (new)