Bobdalog (old name btw)'s Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
Link: Dark Gaming

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
yeah I think it was fair, but idk about permanent ban, all the other bans I see are people hacking I was being annoying cause I was 14

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
im not an idiot 14 year old and also all my friends are playing this server and I cant join </3


All bans are permanent unless appealed successfully or if the ban was put there by mistake. You’re getting around to the appeal process now at least

Searching back through reports you were warned several times with kicks before being finally banned. Are you going to make sure you follow the rules this time and listen to warnings or are you just going to ignore them again?



extra letters cause it needs 10


Can you read the rules and quote the rule(s) you broke? Do this in a new reply, don’t edit your appeal. If you do not know how to quote the rules, read the guide How to quote the rules.

If you do not identify the right rule(s) that you broke or you do not know which ones you broke, I can make it clear.


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