Administrators I present to you my Moderator application
[Q1] My name is Frank

[Q2] My IGN is Cheeseman

[Q3] Why would you want to be a Moderator (at least 150 words)
As a moderator I want to be able to watch over the server, and ensure the safety of all the users playing. If I were a moderator I will use my power as a moderator responsibly while playing on the server. If a user was asking a question I would answer with enthusiasm to try and solve the problem. If complications were to arise, in a calm manner I would help resolve the conflict between the players. As a moderator I would try to make the game more fun to people who are seeking entertainment such as by: spawning boss battles at night, or starting PVP tournaments with prizes to those who prove themselves in battle! I will give the players an example to follow, and in addition I will give the players advice for keeping calm during fights, arguing etc. and show the users on how to help stop the conflict.

[Q4] Why should I accept you (at least 50 words)
I feel that I would be good a moderator because I carry lots of new ways to keep people to continue joining the server, and to be more active in the events that happen on Dark Gaming. I even have ways to get new people to join. While I am online I can support the users in their good acts, and show the people online ways to improve their gaming skills and abilities for the server.

[Q5] Make up 2 scenario’s, include the chat and any commands you would use
[Well Known Griever] HEY WHERE IS MY HOUSE??? [Me] How can I help you find your house? [Well Known Griever] WELL I BUILT IT RIGHT HERE AND NOW IT IS GONE!!! [Me] You might have gotten rolled back, but please do not use caps. [Well Known Griever] ILL USE CAPS IF I WANT TO!!! starts grieving [Me] kicks for grieving again and using caps rolls back to replace the blocks destroyed [Well Known Griever] HEY WHY WAS I KICKED???[Me] For using caps and grieving. [Well Known Griever] WELL I THINK THAT YOU SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO KICK ME JUST FOR USING CAPS!!! starts grieving again [Me] bans the griever for grieving over the limit
[Hacker] hey we both have max health! wanna PVP? [Random User] Sure! So what are the rules? [Hacker] There aren’t any! [Random User] Ok? So let’s start! [Hacker] Ok. 3,2,1 GO! kills user in 1 hit with an iron sword YAY! I win! [Random User] Hey? How did you do that? I call a rematch! [Hacker] Ok then! Prepare to die! kills user in one hit again [Me] Ma’am how did you kill him in one hit? [Hacker] I know a guy! Plus it is an Unreal iron sword! [Me] Ok then I will PVP you. [Hacker] Ok but just know, I’m going to win! [Me]attacks is killed in one hit bans for hacking an iron sword to do a 1hit kill

[Q6] What would you do to ensure you stay a Moderator? (at least 30 words)
To make sure that I will stay a moderator I will refrain from insulting users, swearing excessively, and getting into arguments with users and other ranked members. Another reason is that I will respect higher ranking officers and accept tips from more experienced people happily.

[Q7] How often can you be on the server and active to help people?
I can be on the server almost constantly. In fact I can be on the server from 2:30-9:00

(If your current rank is not Helper, you need to also answer these questions below)
[Q8] Where have you had experience as a staff member and for how long?
I have experience on being a staff member on a server that is no longer running called Roleplay World for about 1-2 years

[Q9] Mountain Time

[Q10] Because of no previous experience on Dark Gaming, would you be willing to take part in some assessed training?
I would be fully involved in assessed training if it were provided for me

[Q11] If you were asked to watch over the server for 2 days, with the privilege of extra commands, how would you do it?
I would keep governing the server the ways I would as if it were a normal day, just with more commands