Mathematics of the Economy

Note that this is a manually written list and may not always be 100% accurate. It may also not contain all the details about how the economy works. It should however provide good insight into what you need to consider when looking to earn DP.


Earn Multipliers

The daily gain limit is 2000 DP and resets at the same time for everyone every 24 hours. Currently there is no specific time of the day. Once you’ve earned 2000 DP in the current 24 hour period, your multiplier is set to 0, and is reset when the next period begins.

If the player has more than 5000 DP then the following applies:

\operatorname{earnMultiplier}(bank)= 5000 / (bank * 10)

That means if you have 10,000 DP then:

5,000 / (100,000) \\ = 0.05 \\ = \text{5% multiplier}


Reward Table

Action XP DP
Player Kill 100 0.1
Damage Dealt damage * 0.6 damage * 0.001


Reward Table

Action XP DP
Mob Kill 0 0
Mob Damage Dealt 0 0
Boss Kill 0 0.5
Boss Damage Dealt damage * 0.01 damage * 0

NPC Multipliers

King Slime x0.002 x0.002
Eye of Cthulhu x0.002 x0.002
Skeletron x0.002 x0.002
Duke Fishron x0.5 x3
Empress of Light x0.2 x150
Wall of Flesh x0.2 x1
Wall of Flesh Eye x0.2 x1


Reward Table

Action XP DP
Earned Score 0 0
Completed Round 10000 500

DP Payout

DP payout is calculated using the following (the number 500 is from the above table):

\operatorname{payout(round)} = \begin{cases} 10 + {500 \over (1 + e^{-0.6 * (round - 15)}}, & \text{if round > 3} \\ 0, & \text{if round is } \le \text{3} \end{cases}


XP payout is calculated using the following (the number 10000 is from the above table):
(incomplete section)

Certified Maps

You will only receive rewards on maps that have been certified for the economy. This list might change (maps added, removed or multiplier changed). Right now this is the base case for the initial release of certification. There will be a review at some point and this list will be updated accordingly and this message removed.

Currently certification only supports a map giving out or not, so all multipliers are currently set at x1 until map’s multipliers can be individually set.

Map XP Multiplier DP Multiplier
Winter’s Scream x1 x1
Shadow’s Descent x1 x1
The Ascension x1 x1
Miner’s Deceit x1 x1
Death House x1 x1
Winter’s Howl x1 x1
Heaven’s Hell x1 x1
Crystal Caverns x1 x1
Dark Shadows x1 x1
Devil’s Reservoir x1 x1
Cosmic Collapse x1 x1
Shadow Requiem x1 x1
Cyber Complex x1 x1

New maps or those not on this list will be certified after manual review which is separate from being added to the pool.


When will the manual reviews happen for the rest of the maps?

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So Zombies is the most efficient source of DP.
PvE and PvP are vastly inferior methods of DP-gain in comparison. . .


At the very least, after Zombies v1.27 is out.