Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: One place for many questions.


See Account Management Guide for more information about this subject.

How do I login to the server?

  1. Select a character with the name that you want to login with.
  2. Do /register [password] ([password] being the password you chose, in the Rift dimension, then do /login [same password]

For example, if I want to register with the username Mr Krabs and make the password krustykrab, I will join on a character called Mr Krabs then do /register krustykrab


Issue Solution
You are already logged in. No action necessary.
You already have an account called [name]. Use /rename [name] to rename your character to that name.
Your name has been used by someone else to register. Use /rename to rename your character, then follow the steps to register.
I forgot my password. Message @staff for a password reset.
I want to rename my account Message @staff. Only do this if it violates the rules in Dark Gaming - Terraria Server Rules or causes technical issues.



To join the patreon program, you need to donate money to Dark Gaming | creating a Terraria Server and Community | Patreon. This program costs $7.50 per month.
You will receive the following perks:

  • Reduced anti-spam measures.
  • Custom/Private Zombies lobbies
  • Announcement messages for joining/leaving.
  • New ability in Zombies.
  • Focus of the Month




  • Go to and login using your player name and password.
  • Click on the icon that allows you to get Crew.
  • Select “I own this game with Steam.”
  • Follow the directions to link Steam to Dark Gaming.


  • Be sure to have at least 50,000 DP or 2 Credits. You can get credits by voting.
  • Go to and login using your player name and password.
  • Click on the icon that allows you to get Crew.
  • Select the method that you are able to afford.

The following perks that you get with Crew are:

  • /tp command
  • Dropping items in Survival
  • Building outside of the sandbox.
  • Summoning bosses in survival.
  • Creating maps for the Zombies minigame.


Moderator gives you the ability to moderate the server. In order to apply for moderator, do the following:

Ban appeals

In order to get unbanned, you need to create a topic in Ban Appeals and follow the template.
If you do not have a ban link, rejoin the server until you get a ban link. After, follow the directions that the moderators give you.


You can contact staff using the following methods:

  • PM @staff in the forum.
  • Ping @staff on Discord.


In order to join the discord server, click the onebox below:


Official DTP FAQ:


How to get DP and EXP:

Go to then d.o actions in-game, and be active on the server to gain DP. Farm Queen Bee or Plantera to quickly gain DP and EXP

How to get credits:

Go to then click on the banner that allows you to vote at Vote for Dark Gaming, then enter your username and complete the captcha.


How to login:

  1. Click the Sign UP button on the top-right corner.
  2. Enter your credentials then click “Create New Account.”
  3. Verify your account by checking your emails.

How to use the forums?

Some information on how to use the forums can be found here:

Trust Levels


Phase is a chat service that allows users to communicate with the Terraria server without opening Terraria, by using a web browser. After you have created an in-game account, enter (PC) / (Mobile) then login to Phase with your in-game account and password. If you want, you can download Phase as a web application so you can use this service faster.


In order to join, please put the IP address ( in the section where you enter the address, and put 7777 as the port number. Be sure that your version of Terraria is compatible ( for PC and Mobile.)

Joining issues

Stuck on "Connecting to"

If other servers work fine then you might be peer-blocked or the server might be offline. Contact staff on the server discord or make a new topic in #help-support to resolve this.

Stuck on "Checking IP... Complete!"

The specific dimension you are joining might be down. Try using a different port such as 7776 or 7779 instead, and switch to your desired server/dimension with the dimension’s command name listed in /dimensions (such as /items to go to free items). Do not use port 7778 or you will enter Leafos instead.

What to consider when joining on mobile

Official announcement: Mobile Support
Known issues. These are on the server’s github issues tracker to be fixed.

  • Mobile users in survival have issues with item drops.
  • Mobile users in survival are unable to craft items that have a different recipe on the PC version of Terraria.

Unable to join this server. Please make sure you connect to a compatible Terraria server intended for the latest mobile version.

The mobile version currently does not like our kick messages. If you get this message check that:

  • You are not banned
  • Your name contains only ASCII characters
  • Your name does not have too many capital letters in it


The guide for the dimensions of the server can be found in the onebox below:

Any questions? Post on Questions & Support or the discord server.


For those that own Terraria on steam, this protocol can be used
steam://rungameid/105600// -j -p 7777


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What is Leafos?


It’s the partner survival server of DG ran by Marcus101RR. It resets annually, and either currently(or perhaps just in the past) hosted modded terraria servers as well.

It also offers servers for Rust and Minecraft.


That sounds interesting, is it desktop only?


I’m not entirely certain as I am a desktop user, but from the little I’ve seen I believe it does offer mobile compatibility.