Frequently Asked Questions

One place for many questions. Still WIP.

Accounts (more info at: Account Management Guide) and permissions

How do I login to Dark Gaming?

You should attempt to register (if you haven’t already) with a unique name that would be unlikely to be taken by another player.
Do /register "password" (the password being one you choose and keep private) in /rift and read the feedback message it gives.

Note: Syntax should not include <> or your username.
Example: my player name is Rainbow Airplanes and I want my password to be Two Cars123. I would join on a character named Rainbow Airplanes and do the command /register "Two Cars123" then /login "Two Cars123".
I would not do /register "Rainbow Airplanes" "Two Cars123" or /register <Two Cars123> due to the fact that these statements have no quotation marks.

Login issues

You do not have permission to use this command

Then you are already logged in. You can see you are a member when you chat: you have blue text and a title of [Member]

You already have an account called “PlayerName”, use that to login to Dark Gaming.

Then use /rename to rename yourself to that name or login with a character that has the exact same name

Your name “NameOfYourCharacter” has already been used by someone [else] to register

You can change your name or login if you were the one to register it.
To change your name type /rename "your new name"

Once you do that and register, you can login to it in the future by using /login “your new name” “your password” " then do as the message says

Successfully registered account "Your name"

Then do /login password (the same password used to register)

How can I reset my password?

Follow Account Management Guide

How can I delete/rename my account?

You can only rename your account when:

  • it has too many caps or repeated characters
  • it violates rules
  • your account has technical issues

What is the Patreon program about?

To donate money to the server you can join at Patreon the Patreon program for $7.50/month.
Patreon users receive:

  • Reduced AntiSpam measures
  • Custom/Private lobby permissions
  • Join and Leave announcement messages
  • Reverent Ability in Zombies
  • Focus of the Month poll

How to get crew?

More verbose directions for crew.
The Crew rank is a free set of perks for those who OWN THE GAME on steam.
If you indeed have not pirated the game, crew is available at Dark Gaming | Trading System
Then you login with your in-game account on the server, then authenticate your copy of Terraria via steam
Be certain to have your Account Info-> Privacy Settings → My Profile > Public → Game Details > Public
You can later revert your privacy settings once you have confirmed crew works.
If you have the badge on BUT do not have the perks, go to Dark Gaming | Trading System
The perks are:

  • /tp ability in PvE, build, survival, and specialitem.
  • Dropping items in the survival dimension.
  • building in /build outside of the sandbox.
  • Summoning bosses in survival.
  • creating zombies maps.

If you are pirating, have steam account issues, playing exclusively on Mobile, or own the game on GOG instead you can get crew by exchanging 50,000 dp (currently impossible with the current state of the server economy or for 2 credits. Credits are obtained via donating or voting. Credits have high value due to what they can be used for elsewhere in the trading system, including gambling some for one of any kind of item. 0.05 credits per vote or 40 votes to get 2 credits.

How can I apply for staff?

Staff positions include Moderators, Dimension Managers, Developers, and Administrators.

To apply for moderator, PM @modappreviewers a message following the format provided in About posting a Moderator Application. You need Crew to apply for staff.

Ban appeals

How can I get unbanned?

Create a ban appeal that follows the provided template upon creating a topic in #terraria-server:ban-appeals.

I have no ban link

Try to enter the server again. Then a ban link appears.
If you are banned for Advertising, then it will display “Banned: Advertising”


Where can I contact staff?

Forum:, click then Message
Discord: pinging @staff
The current staff as of 11/02/2022:

  • Rofle/popstarfreas - (Owner, Server developer, admin)
  • Neverbeen/Tejdxa/Durtle (Zombies manager, Server developer, admin)
  • Blanc (PvP manager)
  • Legolas#1 (PvE manager)
  • SolarDeity (PvP manager)
  • harmfulcrane (moderator)
  • Lord Avery (moderator; former admin)
  • Invisi (moderator)
  • Eerie (survival manager)
  • Tru3thful (moderator)
  • Big Russ (moderator)
  • Eltralor (moderator)


What is the invite link?

Discord Server Invite. A lot of the info here is pinned in general chats. This is the best way to contact staff.


Official Trading System FAQ

How does the economy work?

Mathematics of the Economy

Where to get credits?

To get credits you need to enter your username at Vote for Dark Gaming then complete a captcha.

Why are Time/Metal and command items’ durabilities strangely behaving?

Trading system Time/Metal and command items NEVER run out of or consume item durability. It’s a visual bug.


How can I register?

Where can I suggest features?

In #suggestions

Where can I report a bug?

In #bug-reports

How to format my text?

What is being worked on at the moment?

You can find what we are working on at

What can which trust level do on the forum?

There are 5 Trust Levels.
These are Unsigned Level (no badge), Basic, Member, Regular, and Leader.
Regular and Leader Badges can be taken away from you if you get muted or suspended.
cf. Trust Level Permissions Table (inc Moderator Roles) - users - Discourse Meta
(the forum is based on Discourse)

How do you hide/unhide your profile on the fourms?

Follow this post in order to do this:


What is Phase?

Phase is a chat service that allows users to chat with the Terraria server without opening Terraria, by using a web browser or opening a web application.

What does “´Phase > Username: Text´” mean?

This means that someone enters text from Phase.

How to get to Phase?

After you have created an in-game account, enter (PC) / (Mobile) then login to Phase with your in-game account and password. If you want, you can download Phase as a web application so you can use this service faster.


Why is all damage modified?

What weapons & armors should i use for PVP?

View this onebox to learn more about PVP:


How to join the server?

Make sure you put the IP address ( in the section where it says “Enter Server IP Address:” and should appear like this

Then put the port (7777) in the section where it says “Enter Server Port:” which should look like this:

Then press enter or accept to join the server.

For mobile users, the prompt looks like this:

Copy to the Server IP…
The Server Port is 7777.
Then, press Play to start playing Dark Gaming.

Be sure you are on the latest version of Terraria before joining. As of 2022-10-10T00:00:00Z, it is for PC and 1.4.4 for mobile. Modified clients(like tModLoader) or older versions of Terraria are incompatible. You cannot join the server on the Console Edition of Terraria.

Joining issues

Stuck on "Connecting to"

If other servers work fine then you might be peer-blocked or the server might be offline. Contact staff on the server discord or make a new topic in #help-support to resolve this.

Stuck on "Checking IP... Complete!"

The specific dimension you are joining might be down. Try using a different port such as 7776 or 7779 instead, and switch to your desired server/dimension with the dimension’s command name listed in /dimensions (such as /items to go to free items). Do not use port 7778 or you will enter Leafos instead.

What to consider when joining on mobile

Official announcement: Mobile Support
Known issues. These are on the server’s github issues tracker to be fixed.

  • Mobile users in survival have issues with item drops.
  • Mobile users in survival are unable to craft items that have a different recipe on the PC version of Terraria.

Unable to join this server. Please make sure you connect to a compatible Terraria server intended for the latest mobile version.

The mobile version currently does not like our kick messages. If you get this message check that:

  • You are not banned
  • Your name contains only ASCII characters
  • Your name does not have too many capital letters in it

Where are the rules?


When will the boss get unbuffed?

What is different between DG survival and vanilla?

Differences between DG survival and vanilla survival


Which abilities are available?

You quickly press your movement keys in the order provided in quick succession. Such as double-tapping the down key within one second.

What abilities are good?

The Ability Rating Chart by @tsukifuto.#6948 gives a good idea of how abilities perform and wish ability info.

[b]Some useful unlisted lobby commands
There are more listed here, but not all of them may be functional or useable. Abilities and arena info listed generally will not work.

Toggles chat between lobby-only and public.
Toggles. When enabled, a single purchase from a mana or hp chest will spend all points at once to the maximum number of purchases possible (when points run out or the cap for that stat is met)
Transfers score from your player to another. Syntax: /ts Ex: /ts Rofle 200 /ts “Lord Avery” 1240. The playername syntax is case-sensitive and if it has spaces, use quotations.
/j z existing OR /join zombies existing
Joins an existing zombies lobby that is at round 3 or below and not private. This is the equivalent of jumping into the water pool.
/j z new OR /join zombies new
Creates a new standard zombies lobby that is public.
/lobby protect
When you are the only player in the lobby (you can create a new lobby via /j z new) this sets the lobby to invite only (/invite playername) (Removed, now use /j z -p or /join zombies private)
/lobby list
Lists all lobbies and zombies arenas that exist. Not all the zombie maps can be voted or selected.
/lobby version
Does as says.
/lobby menu
Shows the lobby menu again. Possibly redundant as the menu updates quite frequently.

Map and class equipment info by @UltimaA#8352

A list of all maps with their classes, items, item prices, and item stats:

How to create a zombies map?

How to Create a Zombies Map on how to create a zombies map.
Submission Guidelines
Keep in mind you must have the Crew rank to build maps.

General FAQ for the server by @Jet Stream#9183

Most questions are answered on this site:

Any questions? Post below or on the server discord


For those that own Terraria on steam, this protocol can be used
steam://rungameid/105600// -j -p 7777


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