Zombies FAQ


Here’s a topic about the most askable questions about the Zombies Gamemode. Reply if you think there is some lack of needed information.

Refer to the FAQ’s and/or Discord linked below for any questions about the server:

Server Rules:

You are still responsible about them even if you didnt read them

Mobile users problems

Most of problems is happening to mobile users and its common problems like “How do I use abilities?”

Here is a post explaining how:

How can I use abilities and how do they work?

There is a 25% price increase is for every ability except sentry, sentry has 75% increase on price.
Using wish or valiant is only avaible only after unlocking them (for wish, you need to get to round 16 on Shadow’s Descent) (for valiant get to round 12 (?) with the coward ability without taking any damage at all on any map).

  • To get an ability type in /ability [ability name] (tip: you can type /ability to get a list of all abilities)
  • To learn how to use a certain ability type in /ahelp [ability name]
  • To get help in sentries type in /asentry [sentry name]

Check this post out to learn more about abilities:

How do zombies expert, rapid and hardcore lobbies work?

Expert, rapid and hardcore zombies are harder versions of normal zombies. The commands to make one of these lobbies are:

  • /j z -expert
  • /j z -rapid
  • /j z -hardcore

Expert Zombies:

Expert zombies is currently unavailable, but it used to be normal zombies but with more hp and attack stats on all enemies. We are hoping to bring expert back with this suggestion being implemented: Make expert mode more unique by adding in unique enemies

Rapid Zombies:

Rapid mode is where the concept of rounds are almost nonexistent (except for boss rounds) and zombies keep on spawning and rounds keep on progressing without needing to kill anything. There are also some unique enemies that arent in any other zombies modes like spiked frozen slimes, and some enemies have more hp then they normally have (not sure?).

Hardcore Zombies:

Hardcore zombies makes you get one-shotted by all kinds of damage (zombies, projectiles, fall damage, getting stoned, shaman…). All health chests are converted into life chests so that you can survive a hit without dying.


Every rapid, hardcore and expert lobbies give more DP/EXP than public and private lobbies.


Will you be unrevivable no matter what after if you die in HC Zombies?


no you’re still revivable in hc zombies.