Zombies Ability Tier List

Welcome to the Zombies Ability Tier List thread. In this thread, you’re encouraged to share your thoughts and opinions on the various abilities of DG’s Zombies game mode and what tier they should fall under.

Ranking Categories

[S] - Abilities and this tier are very powerful as they can be used in almost any map or situation and scale very well as the game progresses.
[A] - Abilities in this tier are great in most maps or situations, but may not scale as well as abilities in the S tier.
[B] - Abilities in this tier are good in many maps or situations and scale decently, but may be reliant on class setups.
[C] - Abilities in this tier are decent in many maps or situations, but scale terribly.
[D] - Abilities in this tier are decent in many maps or situations, but scale terribly and have apparent disadvantages.
[E] - Abilities in this tier are very weak, scale terribly, and have huge disadvantages. However, they can still serve a role in very specific maps or situations.
[-] - Unranked. Abilities in this tier are currently unobtainable.


Shaman- Even after the nerfs, Shaman is still an amazing support ability. Being able to regenerate and increase the maximum HP of players makes progression a lot smoother. It is also good at all stages of the game, especially late game.

Post-nerf, Shaman users are more vulnerable to death since they don’t get healed by other Shaman users.

Telekinesis- This ability scales very well late game. It allows you to move mobs away or towards you which is very useful. The mobility it grants is amazing in open and vertical maps.

Timewarp- This ability can be used to heal back damage or lure zombies in a specific location at a very low cooldown. You can also stop time and buy time for yourself and allies to relocate. The overall utility of this ability is amazing.


Sentry- While it can fall off late game, Sentry is still a great ability that can provide offense, defense, or utility.

I am not including Double Banking in this evaluation as it is an exploit.


Barrage- Starts off weak, but as the game progresses it gets powerful enough to clear waves of mobs with ease. However, using it can also lose you some farm so it’s not recommended to depend on it too much.

Dualwield- Provides good offensive capabilities. However, equipment in Zombies is usually capable enough without relying on this ability. Also, defensive abilities are favored late game.


Wish- While this ability is random, the wish favors your current situation, which can be quite useful. However, some negative outcomes just outweigh the good outcomes which can be annoying sometimes.

Coward- This ability helps you get out at dangerous situations, and clears nearby mobs at spawn. However, this ability scales terribly as the cooldown also increases every time it is upgraded.


Valiant- This ability requires you to be close to mobs and be facing them to get various buffs. However, getting hit by mobs will give you debuffs. Some of these are debuffs that may potentially ruin your game.

Vampirism- This ability is very DPS reliant, and each level up adds a life-draining debuff. A challenging ability to use which can only work in certain maps.


Guardian- This ability can only be activated starting from round 4, which increases item prices early on for no reason at all. Scales terribly late game as Guardians dies way too quickly.


Feel free to suggest any changes to the tier list. As long as you expand on your opinion as to why ‘ability X should be in this tier’, I will take your suggestion into account.