Zombies Abilities and Gameplay Strategies

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Zombie PvE Stategies

Face it, your highest round was probably 16. How do you pass this massive storm of stardust weavers and diabolists? It doesn’t depend on luck, but how you move and where you move, what weapons and strategies and abilites you choose. It’s all a giant mix of confusing stuff that takes a while to unravel without, say, a guide on how to play zombies better… Well, that’s exactly what you’re seeing!

Weapon Decision Strategies

Now, let’s say you have a Wooden Yoyo, and you have 25000 score to use on either a malaise or a Ghastly Glaive. You would obviously go for a Ghastly Glaive. But if the Ghastly Glaive was replaced with a Blood Butcherer, It’d be hard to decide. The yoyo has more range, but less damage, while the sword has more damage but less range. Well, the yoyo would actually be the better choice. Why? Well obviously it has more range so you can take care of those annoying wandering eyes and slimers, but the reason it’s better is because it’s faster and has less damage. Remember, it doesn’t matter the damage you do, but how many hits it takes to kill the mobs. More hits = more points. This is why really good speed, moderate knockback, and very low damage weapons like the Minishark and Arkhalis are really good for pre - boss (Round 5). You should remember to use those weapons for AS MUCH time as you can, as they are really good point gatherers. This is why you can get a million points even BEFORE round 10. Once you save up the amount needed, this is where the next part comes in. Try to get the weapons that have more tier increasing properties. Like from Chain Gun to S.D.M.G. instead of a vortex beater or some other gun, even if it costs less.

Team Strategies

They say to always work as a team. And no offense to you people who hate everybody, but they’re right. What you want to do is to always stay in a group, unless the teammate moves out anyway. Just try to get in the place with most people, unless you’ve actually planned out what you can do, and we’ll talk more about that later. What staying in a group does, is that everybody is trying to attack common targets all at the same time. If you stay with another person, double the power. Another thing to note is donating score. You can donate score in a lobby with “/lobby ts [player] [score]”. For example : “/lobby ts Mr.Bob 5600”. Like this : Say you have 100000 score, and another person has 700000 score. They need 50000 score to get an S.D.M.G. yet you need 2500 score to get a let’s say, Chain Gun. It would actually be MUCH better to give the score away, even when when your typing, you get the 2500 score you longed for all along. This brings me to my next point, when the teammate finally buys the S.D.M.G, he shouldn’t only protect himself, but protect everybody he can, as reviving is also a waste of time. But when someone dies anyway, even if reviving is a waste of time, revive them. Remember, once you’ve revived them, they can help you to protect yourself while you’re gathering points to get an even more OP weapon than before. (Let’s just say the other person had 0 score after buying a more tier increasing weapon so they can’t give you the score needed.)

Planning Gameplay

Planning is one of the most important strategies of zombies. You have to plan what armor you get, where you go, where you shoot, which weapons you choose, etc. For example, a player called Beauty Shadow used banking in very strategic ways to come up with Double Banking on Hill House. I modified it so that you would get sentry as ability, choose mage class, get jungle armor, pile up score for aqua scepter, etc. A player named Cid used shaman on Shadow’s Descent to get wish. This is called planning out your game. Try to analyze your surrounding chests. Look for holes, or weapons like Vilethorn or Arkhalis. Or be in a team of one class aiming for one thing. This worked really well for the summoner in Monster Mansion back when I was playing undercover in 2019. By fiddling around, you could make the next Vilethorn in 1st hole on Skelotens (breakthrough).

Dodging Hard Enemies

Let’s say you get stuck on completing round 6 because of those dang wandering eyes and slimers. But, there’s an easy way to dodge all of these mobs simply because their pathfinding mechanics are not really that good (it sucks). For example, the pathfinding is pretty easy to pin down, so after a while of observing, you can practically always know where the wandering eye or slimer is going to go. So just move away from there. Or let’s say you get stuck on round six because of those hoplites. Just jump over the javelins. Unless there’s a wandering eye or slimer above you, as those always do more damage. If you can’t jump in maps like skelotens, just take cover in a hole or something until the hoplites come and are easy to kill. And don’t tell me there’s no hole; as there is. But if you don’t know where these mobs are going to shoot, like for example the gastropod (they can shoot waaaay out of your view range), just jump up and down. I mean it works for me… Also, for mobs like the sand elemental, those can’t make sandstorms if there is no place to make it via the place being too small for the sandstorm to fit. So just go somewhere they cant make sandstorms. Also, don’t attempt going through sandstorms unless you either have the ankh shield and a good amount of health, or need to get that weapon or life in that chest. Or for example, you want to dodge those FREAKING diabolists. Either you have an ankh shield, or you need to make sure to always kill the diabolists first before any other mob, as their flames can knock you into your doom of a stardust weaver.

Zombies Abilities Strategies

Ability Decision Making and General Strategies

First, one of the most easiest to pin down and strategize (new word that I made up), the Guardian ability. This ability summons a guardian to guard you from any attack, as it might be slow, but it has a really nice amount of knockback allowing it to protect you from any mob from round 4 to round 10 (although the hoplites might disagree). This is useful for maps like skelotens, as you can camp at spawn for some time and use weapons like vilethorn to defeat mobs. Just wait till the hoplites or bone lee comes outta nowhere. This can also be useful for maps like Monster mansion, but as there’s no weapon that can fast and easily kill the diabolists and weavers, round 16 will probably be your doom on that one.

Another easy one is Dual Wield. This ability allows you to shoot double the projectiles (Do note that this doesn’t work on the melee class, because it would be too overpowered). This is pretty useful for every map as it gives the ability to defend both sides at once, and switch anytime.

Next, Coward is a passive ability. When your health drops down to half, you get teleported to spawn and the zombies near the spawnpoint immediately die. This can be good for maps like Skelotens or Shadow’s Descent.

An easy to use ability is Barrage. It shoots a large amount of missiles that has decent knock-back, but low damage. This however, can kill your enemy through sheer numbers. It can be bad at first, and can only really be used for gathering points because of the low damage and fast speed, but round 7 and onwards, it becomes OP.

Time warp is a great ability that has two modes. The first one teleports you to where you were moments ago, along with your health bar. This is great for getting out of sticky situations and positioning. The second one “freezes” time. It stops mobs in place once you activate it, gives you the panic buff, and debuffs your teammates with slowness. This is great for keeping your teammates out of trouble keeping you and your allies in a safe position, or saving them if they get cornered.

Telekinesis (obtained by being crew) is an ability that can either push enemies away, or give you some great mobility. Scales well late game.

An interesting (albeit a little quirky) ability is Wish. When you use it, it gives a random effect that usually favors your current situation. (e.g. being at full health will favor max HP wishes which gives +50 max HP. Being at low health will favor regen/healing wishes.)

What wish can do

Good Stuff

+Max HP
Resurrect a random player
HP Regen
Damage Boost
Movement Speed Boost


Multiple Debuffs
Receive damage
Kill a random player
Kill your own character
Removes armor
Removes current held weapon

One of the more difficult abilities is the Shaman, it can be really useful for healing and increasing maximum health. If you had 2 shamans farming and getting max health stored and max health in general, the next rounds would be so easy. Until moon lord comes and round 21 puts your life back at 100. This can be a good ability on Catacombs, Beach House, Hill House, and really good for any map.

And the last ability, the Sentry. This ability allows you to create robots that fight for you. There are seven different types of sentries that each have a different purpose.

The minigun is a high speed, low damage with a moderate amount of knockback (PERFECT for points farming). Although it’s not piercing, so a crowd of mobs can easily overwhelm it.

The next is the snipe. This sentry shoots slowly (until upgraded to higher tiers) but has high damage. Not that good for points farming, but as mobs like wandering eye don’t give you points until they are killed, it’s good for aerial defense.

Next is the emitter. It can confuse enemies and inflict ichor on them time to time, therefore good for dealing with bosses, as it severely lowers their defense with the ichor debuff, and can confuse normal mobs. However making bunches of these emitters still cant stop mobs not affected by the confused like granite golems.

Next is the nade, which is the bomber of the sentries. It has a good amount of knockback and moderate damage, but has slow speed. Really not that good unless you desperately need knockback. Then we have the Tank, it’s a melee sentry that’s good for a dummy type sentry, which draws mob’s attention while you can go kill of smaller waves of mobs or get some stuff from chests.

Next we have the repair, which takes the damage of other sentries and inflicts it to itself. So if you have a snipe or emitter, good for stopping those from ever dying.

And lastly, we have the bank. This stores score whenever sentries hit, and at the end of the round that score is given to you. When sentries die, the score used on them is put into the bank allowing for useful refunds. There used to be an aspect about this single sentry that can completely break the point of the game, and allow for OP miniguns, snipes, players, and impossible rounds finally being possible. This aspect allows an exploit: score duplication. (It can practically give you trillions of score before round 16)

Double Banking
Double Banking is when two people have a bank, then they each spend score to sacrifice sentries. So if one spent 2000 on dummy sentries, then 2000 goes in their bank. If the other person did the same, then both banks would have 2000. So at the end of the round, the score from the banks is duplicated and given to both of them, therefore each of them gets 4000 score, x2 the original score. Too bad it has been patched.

Wondering what the top abilities are? Check this other guide to find out.

Combining Ability Uses

If you have a teammate that your fighting with, it would not really be good to use the same ability. Sometimes, various abilities work together in ways unimaginable. The only abilities that are better off together is sentry and shaman. In fact, shaman with anything is good. It regens stuff and gives stuff more health. Anyways, take guardian with sentry. Instead of making as much sentries as you can and upgrading them to fend off mobs before your sentries get killed anyway, the guardian will guard the sentries, while the sentries will kill the mobs.

Or Guardian with Barrage? The Guardian will protect the barrage while the barrage shoots it’s missiles into the air, allowing for the complete negation of the debuffs barrage puts on you.

Coward doesn’t work with anything, soooo

Or how about Dual wield with Shaman? The shaman will provide the health and regeneration needed for the dual wield to become a full weaponized tank.

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