Forum Rules and Guidelines

# 0

While these rules do not cover everything, the decision of the Staff will be taken as final in any dispute regardless of the rules. These are simply guidelines. The Staff reserve the right to make changes, additions or removals from these rules at any time, without prior notice, and any changes will apply to posts regardless of their date. This will be done in the spirit of keeping the forum civil and clean and is not meant to be abused by Staff to punish individuals they don’t like.

# 1

Keep posts and threads in the relevant sections; Some threads may not be easily attributable to a category, but please, try your best.

# 2 - Spam Posts

Do not post any unnecessary, one-word or spam posts.

# 3 - Advertising and PM spam

Advertising, and spamming is not allowed. This includes using PM system to spam or advertise to others.

# 4 - Unwanted Language

No profanity, swearing, racism, sexism, or any forms of discrimination. This includes offensive remarks regarding religion, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic slurs, and inappropriate references to explicit acts.

# 5 - Sexual or Explicit Content

Posts or links to sites that are sexual in nature, or are deemed by a staff member to be inappropriate will be removed without notice.

# 6 - Illegal Content

Discussion of activities deemed illegal as well as posting of any links to such activities is prohibited.

# 7 - Account Limitations

A person should only have one account.

# 8 - Ban Appeals

Don’t post on a ban appeal unless:

  • it is your ban appeal
  • or you have important information to contribute - important information is that which has been missed out by the op or staff which may influence the outcome of the appeal

# 9 - Unnecessary posts on topics

# 9.1 - Immaterial Content

Don’t post for the sake of posting i.e. “yes, I agree”. To gather responses for an opinion, a poll should be used. If one is absent, you should ask for or make one instead of posting something with immaterial content.

# 9.2 - Old topics

If the topic you are posting in is over a month old, you should consider whether your contribution is meaningful for the topic as it stands today.

  • If the context of the topic does not make sense to be posted today (e.g. an old update topic or topic about a bug that does not exist anymore) you should not post in it
  • If the discussion has become outdated or somehow irrelevant - you should post a new topic to restart discussion and link to the old one if the topic itself is still relevant

Examples of old topics that you should not be posting replies in:

  • Any old New Member posts
  • Any old ban appeals
  • Any old player reports
  • Any old help & support topics - if you have a similar/same problem you should create a new topic and link to the old one
  • Any old helper applications

Examples of old topics that are OK to post replies in:

Hopefully you can recognise a pattern from those two sets and that should help you avoid breaking this rule.


Well done, and that first rule is rude XD


So… I can warn and report people for for swearing even if it is not directed at someone?


You don’t warn people for swearing. You can report them but this is a public forum where the posts can be seen after a long time so you don’t need to post a thread on it or anything.


Just a small bump for new (even old) players to read through this thoroughly, so we don’t get people posting 1 sentence threads in the wrong places.

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What happens if ur old account becomes innaccessible, this has been happening to lotsa people

Is it ok to make a new account?


It’s not really covered by the rules since it’s less important than in-game. Generally, it’s

Which would either mean:

  1. You can only register once
  2. You can only have one account in use

It’s preferable that people recover old accounts and I’ve added nicknames as the preference to show up in posts, so the only reason to register again is if you’re not a known member who does not know their password and does not have access to their registered email (so there’s no way to prove you own the account).