When I go to play survival it says I need to log into something but what do I log into

When I go to play survival it asks for me to log into something but I’m confused as to what I need to log into


Two days after your first join, enter /register (pass) then /login (thesamepass).

When you have registered, enter dtp.dark-gaming.com and log in with your ingame credentials. There you can verify your Steam copy of Terraria (PC) / vote on 40 days at Vote for Dark Gaming to obtain crew (Mobile/Pirated PC client). (Detailled info at How to Verify (become Crew) [Step by Step] and eventually What do you need to consider when you’re crew?).

With crew you can teleport to players, build in Build, drop items in survival and much more.

When voting for the server you get lootboxes which when opened give you cool titles, tags and colors.

Also, if you have successfully logged in in DTP you can login Phase, a site which is connected to the game chat without having to open the game, at phase.dark-gaming.com (PC), dtp.dark-gaming.com/mphase (Mobile)

Be sure to read Dark Gaming - Terraria Server Rules and Forum Rules and Guidelines to not have any problems with the staff team.

Incaee you have a question or need help, visit first the FAQ pages A lot of FAQ info and links for reference. and Frequently occuring problems and what you should do to get help on the forum).


Your current account. Just type /login <password> and it should do


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