Frequently occuring problems and what you should do to get help on the forum


If there is a frequently occcuring issue which is not written here or some info is incorrect, feel free to correct here that information as this post is a wiki.

You forgot your password

If you don’t remember your ingame account password, you need to contact staff by following these instructions:

  1. If not already done, create an account on the forum by clicking [Log In] at the top, then on [Create your account] and after filling out the form, click on [Create your account]. Keep in mind that ingame and forum accounts are separate from each other.
  2. Message staff this.
  3. Write there your ingame account name and that you forgot your password
  4. Click [:email: Message]
  5. You will get a response as soon as possible

You can’t access some dimensions

Depending on which dimensions you cannot access the actions you need to make are different:

Only one or two specific dimensions

It’s likely that that specific dimension is down at the moment. You need to try later to join. If you can, contact either @Tejdxa or @popstarfreas to get the dimension restarted.

Every dimension except Items, Rift and Gamemodes

Refer to this thread: Turn off your VPN and Proxy if any is active. Rejoin with a classic character (not a journey mode one)

You can’t access the server at all

You are banned by error

It can be that you make a typo in typing a version number (e.g. instead of and being banned because the “” is recognized as an IP address by the system following an auto ban while version numbers are not. The ban reason will be “Advertising” even if you did not have the intent to advertise.

You need to create a new thread in #terraria-server:ban-appeals and you need to follow the format shown on How to Appeal Your Ban and in the template given upon choosing the ban appeal category.

Ban reason “

This is a known issue for trying to join a name with 3 or more consecutive same characters. Rejoin with a name which has not 3 or more consecutive same characters.

You are banned and you think the ban is not fair

You need to create a new thread in #terraria-server:ban-appeals and you need to follow the format shown on How to Appeal Your Ban and in the template given upon choosing the ban appeal category.

Time-out despite having good internet connection

It’s likely that the server is down at the moment

Known bugs

Survival: You can’t craft some stuff (affecting mobile)

The cause is that some mobile and PC crafting recipes are different. Ask a PC player to craft it for you.

Survival: Strange consumption of consumables or ammo

Create a new bug report in #bug-reports and provide as much info as possible. Don’t abuse those bugs for your own goals.

PVE and Zombies: Kicked for “Adding buff to NPC abnormally” affecting PC

Unequip Fire gauntlet.

Zombies: Sometimes the SSC system (Server sided character) doesn’t reset your items upon joining a zombies lobby

Whenever you see that upon entering the zombies lobby your items are not reset, you are advised to enter /leave quickly, especially if you have a minion. This prevents a false ban as to other players it is indistinguishable from a hack. In that case don’t attack anything and enter /leave.

You encounter a bug

As already said in bugs with anticheat: create a new bug report in #bug-reports and provide as much info as possible. This will help to get the bug fixed fast.

You see that a player is breaking rules

Get as much evidence as possible and open in #report-a-player a new topic. Follow there the provided template.

Your build in the /build dimension was griefed

Take a screenshot of the broken build, create a new player report in #report-a-player with following info:

  1. Member’s name: [N/A],
  2. Broken rules: Griefing,
  3. Affected users: you and possibly other builders,
  4. The screenshot of the broken buildings,
  5. Dimension: build,
  6. Time: between (the last time you saw your build undamaged) and (the time you saw it griefed).

Additionally an advice: Write a direct message to Staff with the link to the report and position of your build (retrieve with /pos). It’s to ensure that future griefers that see the report don’t see the position and keep griefing the build.

You don’t have access to your Crew permissions despite having Crew status according to the DTP page

Click here

You cannot gain XP on the trading system despite doing much in PVE, PVP and Zombies

This means that you got no xp efficiency.

Go to, log in there with your ingame name and /register password. Then :desktop_computer: hover over / :iphone: tap [XP efficiency] at the top right. Each % of xp efficiency costs 10 DP. Enter the number of percent points of XP efficiency. The price for that will be automatically displayed. :desktop_computer: Click/ :iphone: Tap [Refill].

Note: Don’t buy too much XP efficiency as maintaining the XP efficiency costs DP so you should keep at least 50-100 DP in your Trading System inventory.

You need other help than the here listed issues or the issue doesn’t get resolved despite following the info

Create a new thread in #help-support and describe your problem as precisely as possible. If it involves private data, contact staff instead. You can do this by clicking on this.


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