What do you need to consider when you're crew?

I became today in the morning crew and have some questions about what you can do with crew and what not and what to consider because I don’t want to do severe mistakes directly after getting crew that lead to degrading to member or even a ban.

At first I re-read the server rules. I understood following (special to crew commands but have some questions too:

  • /tp command: you can’t use it in PVP if the person is in the PVP arena.
    • Q1: Are you allowed to tp to other players when you are a spectator?
    • Q2: What is about the commands /left, /right,… which you get from the DTP or the rod of discord command from the DTP, are they ruled the same as /tp?
  • Summoning bosses in PVE with commands:
    • Q1: I have heard that you can summon as a crew member bosses in PVE. What is the command for it (if there is one)?
  • Building houses in build:
    • Q1: Do you first build the structure then define it with /house define or vice versa?
    • Q2: How to define a house?
    • Q3: When I built in Sandbox painting was not possible. Is it possible to paint blocks in Build with crew?
    • Q4: If I swing the Zenith to get light (on night, in the underground) and hit with it grass or similar, is it counted as griefing? If yes, then I’ll be using in future shine potions.

Thank you for the reading of this thread and for the answers to this questions. Feel free to write additional things I need to consider as a crew.

P.S. This topic might be important for those who are going to become crew.


This is not true (and/or outdated).

You do not need to define houses in Build. That is Survival

Do you mean by with a Paintbrush, or with the auto-paint accessories? The latter do not work unless you equip them in the first 1-5 slots (not sure why). You should be able to use both once becoming Crew anyway.

Most people don’t use grass as decor, and it would likely grow back anyway, but I would advise you to just be careful what you do in general.


So does that mean I can just start to build a structure in a free spot (without interfering with other’s houses)?

I mean the manual tools (brush).

And another question for build: How to make a /warp for one’s building that you can return to your building quickly?


Yes, as long as you don’t build on anyone else’s land.

Don’t know why it wouldn’t before, but this should work with crew.

This was a donator permission, don’t know if it still works. Some moderators can do this (Madeira, possibly Avery, and I don’t know who else).


Generally, you shouldn’t do this maliciously.

When you spectate, the position of your player is left at the place where you executed the command. If you teleport to another player, you’d be moving your position. Therefore, teleporting to a player with or without spectator mode has the same effect.

As Crew, you’re only allowed to use boss summoners in Survival. Although, there are two Cmds that allow you to summon bosses: /sm and /bm. Back then, you used to be able to get these Cmds as rewards for donating to the server.

You can actually get a staff member to region your houses, which is essentially the same as doing /house in Survival.

You need Crew to edit blocks outside the sandbox in Build.

No, this shouldn’t get you banned. However, as Madofado suggests, you should be reasonable and prudent because there may be some exceptional circumstance.