Trading System FAQ

This thread is for a list of common questions about the Trading System.

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What is DP?

DP stands for DarkPoints. DP is a server-sided currency. It has a wide range of uses. Each item in the Trading System has a ‘Base Value’, of which all NPC shops will base their prices off of. It is not possible to know this value and knowing it might be useless, as the general price of items will rise with the amount of active players and DP. DP can be used to purchase items from shops, purchase items from players as well as refill your XP Efficiency.

How do I gain DP?

More specifics here: Mathematics of the Economy
DP is gained by:

  • Killing players in PvP
  • Completing rounds in Zombies
  • Killing Duke Fishron / Empress of Light
  • Killing bosses
  • Damaging mobs

What is XP?

XP means Experience Points. Your XP will never drop below the XP requirement for your current level; that is, you will never lose levels. If you do, then it is a bug; report it.

How do I gain XP?

More specifics here: Mathematics of the Economy
You can gain XP from these sources:


The XP gained is from damage dealt, and kills.


In PvE you gain XP from damage dealt and kills, but the amount gained depends on whether the mob is a normal mob, or a boss (they will have a spawn/death message normally, although the server blocks this, mini-bosses don’t count).


When it comes to Zombie Survival PvE, you gain XP for each hit (regardless of damage) and each round completed (if you were not revived when the last round ended, you will not gain any XP for the round completion). The higher round, the more XP for completing it.

What is XP Efficiency?

XP Efficiency is the multiplier for your XP gain. If the efficiency drops below 100%, your xp gain will be at that %. So if you would gain 100 XP normally, but your efficiency is at 50%, then your actual XP gain is now 50 XP. DP is automatically used to maintain your efficiency. If you have no DP, your XP Efficiency will drop slowly until it reaches 0%. When it reaches 0% your account will drain DP a lot faster until your XP Efficiency is above 0%.

How do I level up?

When you gain enough XP you will level up. The amount of XP you have, and the amount needed is displayed in a blue bar above your inventory and equip slots (on the inventory page).

What do I get from leveling up?

You will get Loot Boxes. Loot Boxes come in a variety of rarities, as you level up, higher rarity loot boxes will start to show up. Right-click these Loot Boxes and select “Open” to open them. (On mobile tap the top-right of the Loot Box to open the menu).

How do I get Titles like “God”?

You gain items, such as Titles from leveling up, trading or purchasing them from the Shop using DP. The items you gain from Loot Boxes is random, so if you want a specific item, you will have to find a shop or player that has the item.

How do I get Tags like “(the Awesome)”

Same as above ^^

Where do I put the Title (or Tag, or Color) item?

These items go under the slot labelled as such. So a Title item is equipped by putting it in the slot under “Title”.

Where do I put Cmd (or Region) items?

Put them in the slot under “Special”.

How do I make my inventory bigger?

Once you reach level 5 you can start buying upgrades. These cost DP.

What are Credits?

Credits are a currency which is obtained by real purchase or voting. Right now purchasing is disabled, so you can only get them via voting.

Where do I suggest Titles and Tags?

Use the “Suggest” page, which is at the bottom of the page tabs on the left-hand side of the Trading System page.

Where do I suggest Colours?

Our system is preset with 2,197 colours. These colors were selected to provide a wide selection of colors on the spectrum and as such you cannot suggest any new colors. Any color you would suggest likely has an indistinguishable existing color item.

Can I create custom Titles (or Tags)?

When you get at least 1 Credit, the “Suggest” tab on the left-hand side of the Trading System page will change to “Craft”. You can use that page to create your own Custom Titles and/or Tags.

Can I craft Colours?

You can craft a set, which allows you to craft a colour. However, higher Rarity Colours will add additional Credits to the price.

I can not see where to (Trade/Shop/Explore/…)

Some pages have to be unlocked. There are currently no details for the exact levels.

Where do I suggest features?

Currently, you should use the forum to suggest features. Use the #suggestions category.


Good thing! This explains all the basic matters how the Trading System works.


I dont see the blue bar


Have you gone to That is where the trading system resides.


oh ok thanks


What do special items do?


Special items are commands that you can equip. An example is /buff. If you equip that you can use /buff in-game to buff yourself with potion buffs. Another example is the RoD command. If you equip that Special item, you are allowed to use the Rod of Discord which you are not allowed to use otherwise.


I can’t find my name when I click DTP. It doesn’t show my terraria name


You need to be logged in-game to login on


Oh, ok thanks


At some point, there will be a tutorial that will go over most of these questions. I already started making it a while ago, but never finished it.


I have trouble even figuring out how to do anything at all that anybody could ever do in the existence of the moon lord. aka figuring out how to start.


How do you trade away inventory items exactly, I’m looking all over my inventory, and I don’t see any methods of trading away items. Unless it is the level 20+ transfer tab…


Creating a Trade requires Level 7. You will then see:


I voted and I didn’t get the loot box.


Did you leave your in-game account name in the nickname slot?


Make sure you use your in game registered name exactly.


I kinda forgot my password to my character Slap Attack, can I get some help or directions to reset the password?


You’ve got to create a new character, Twilight, and register it.