Survival FAQ

Introduction & Other Sources

A thread aimed to share any helpful information regarding common questions about DGs Survival Dimension. If you find this post to be lacking information regarding a relevant subject, mention it in a reply and it will most likely be added.

Refer to the FAQ(s) and/or Discord linked below for any additional questions you may have about the server:

Server Rules

A complete list of Server Rules. You are still held responsible for any violations even if you don’t read them.

How Do I Join Survival?

From /rift : Enter the “Survival” teleporter.
From chat : Open chat and type /survival, then send your message.


As a guest, you may have realized that you are unable to join Survival. This is due to the registration restriction placed to make Survivals’ player-base more manageable.

To register, you must follow the directions below:

You should attempt to register (if you haven’t already) with a unique name that would be unlikely to be taken by another player.
Do /register "password" (the password being one you choose and keep private) in /rift and read the feedback message it gives.

Note: Syntax should not include <> or your username.
Example: my player name is Rainbow Airplanes and I want my password to be Two Cars123. I would join on a character named Rainbow Airplanes and do the command /register "Two Cars123" then /login "Two Cars123".
I would not do /register "Rainbow Airplanes" "Two Cars123" or /register <Two Cars123>.

Survival Features

There are quite a few features that distinct DG Survival from the Vanilla version, but throughout the experience, one thing that should never change is how the game functions on it’s base level. You are able to play almost the same as you would solo. The main exception is that, due to TShocks boss scaling, the presence of other people is a crucial factor to progression.

The following is a few of the more notable changes you will probably notice.

  • Spawn - A spawn and platform, for QoL and convenience. Consists of housing area, crafting stations, and inventory furniture(safes, piggy banks, etc). To get to the ground, enter the teleporters or type /warp surface

  • World Regeneration - Every 12 hours, the world will regenerate, change world evils, and reset boss kills. This is to keep Survival fresh with natural loot. Not to be confused with Progression Wipe.

  • Progression Wipe - Every week, at 4 PM EST on Friday, Survival will undergo a full progression wipe. This is to keep the experience fresh on a weekly basis, as the general goal is usually completed a few days before the deadline.

  • NPC Modification - Inclusive of, and separate from TShocks Scaling. Few NPCs have (presently)permanent changes, however, two that do consist of Duke Fishron and Skeletron Prime(HP & Damage modifications).This is unlikely to be a full list.

  • Additional features that are currently applied can be read at from the posts below:
    Survival Changes Overview
    Survival Update v1.1

  • Future changes can be kept track of from the #News section of the Forums.

Group Permissions

These are Survival-Specific commands. For a full list, type /help. Member is the default reference group, meaning every group above it retains the same permissions.


Gained from registration:

  • /warp and /warp list - Warps you to a specified destination, listed in /warp list.

  • /worldinfo data - World Information, false/true Hardmode-Expert-Master and World Evil.

  • /worldinfo boss - Bosses left un-killed per world regeneration.

  • /worldregen time - Time left until world regeneration.

  • /tpallow - Toggles players ability to tp to you.

  • /spawn- Teleports you to the set spawnpoint.

  • To prevent stagnating progression without a crew member present, all members are able to drop Guide Voodoo Dolls, and summon WoF. This is not the ability to summon all bosses, or drop all items. Refer to Crew Member.

Trading Member

Gained from signing into with your in-game account details.

The ability to level up, and gain lootboxes. From doing so, you can gain special permissions/commands to apply ingame(RoD, Wormhole, etc).

Crew Member

Gained from meeting the requirements and following the directions listed below. Must be a Trading Member.


  • The Ability to drop items.
  • The Ability to spawn bosses.


  • /house - defines a protected house region, granting only you ownership(and those you add). Can only be used on the spawn platform.

  • /tp <username> - Teleports yourself to a specified player-name.

Crew is a free set of perks for those who OWN THE GAME on steam.
If you indeed have not pirated the game, crew is available at
Then you login with your ingame account on the server, then authenticate your copy of terraria via steam
Be certain to have your Account Info-> Privacy Settings → My Profile > Public → Game Details > Public
You can later revert your privacy settings once you have confirmed crew works.
If you have the badge on BUT do not have the perks, go to

If you are pirating, have steam account issues, playing exclusively on Mobile, or own the game on GOG instead you can get crew by exchanging 50,000 dp (currently impossible with the current state of the server economy) or 2 credits. Credits are obtained via voting. Credits have high value due to what they can be used for elsewhere in the trading system, including gambling some for one of any kind of item. 0.05 credits per vote or 40 votes to get 2 credits.


So if your not crew and have your character on mediumcore, all your items get deleted when you die?


Your items will drop normally, as they do in vanilla. Dropping items refers to player-dropped items(essentially dropping them manually)


…but why, why would you do that?


Why wouldn’t I


Fair enough


there is no indication for the server reset time specifically, i want to know the exact hour when it resets

  • Progression Wipe - Every week, at 5 PM EST on Friday, Survival will undergo a full progression wipe. This is to keep the experience fresh on a weekly basis, as the general goal is usually completed a few days before the deadline.