Survival Changes Overview

There have been a few changes to survival since @Madeira took over and for those of you who have not been keeping up, this is an overview of them.

  1. Madeira is now the Survival Manager and will handle resets
  2. Boss spawns have been changed so that they now have a minimum player count as part of their max hp. This is to try and make leaving before spawning a boss redundant. Duke and Prime have been tweaked slightly since this came out based on feedback.
  3. Statues no longer work, on purpose. This includes the spawn’s king and queen statues. When you try to use these statues or any king and queen statue, you will now get a message telling you to use /tpnpc
  4. /tpnpc is back and now only works specifically on town npcs. Everyone should have access.
  5. The reset is now a lot simpler and as such, we expect that the downtime for Survival between cycles will be less than a minute - in the near future I hope to make the reset automatic, and Madeira will only be involved to add special seeds or gimmick worlds
  6. I’ve referred to the survival weeks as “cycles”. I’ve done this so that there’s a term that more precisely refers to the time between each reset. This will be important later when I start adding things that pertain to each cycle so the meaning is more clear to readers.
  7. As Quinci is no longer around, this means Survival doesn’t have any specific developer on it. I will be taking over the work on this, which unfortunately means more juggling of work. For now I consider Survival to need some fixes and features, which is what I will prioritise first.

Here’s what I’m looking at:

  • Queen Bee being annoying
  • Balancing boss health/damage to ensure killing them isn’t too easy
  • World regeneration being slower (to complete) than it could be
  • Lag in survival
  • Automating the reset
  • Inventory checks to help cut down on cheating

There are probably an infinite number of things I could do, but I want to focus on a shortlist of must-haves.

p.s. - I changed some smaller things and did not list them here. (hint: a few mobs doing more damage). Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, see if you can figure out which.
p.p.s - I have and still do play Survival on the server every now and then (as in, properly, starting with nothing). I make tweaks generally based on what I observe or experience from the pov of someone who is not at the top of the “ranks” in progression.


Is it possible to have an automated settling of liquids every specific amount of time to cut back on some of the lag?


I’m still a little confused.
Does this mean that there is downward limit to HP scaling?
That if this limit was the amount of HP there would be if there were 5 players, the Boss will scale its HP to 5 players regardless of whether there are 4 or less players present?

Am I misinterpreting this?


Yes. If there are less players than the minimum, it doesn’t scale down, but with more it can still scale up.


Is there a universal limit for all bosses? or are there bosses that have specially assigned limits?

What is/are the specific minimum player count value(s) for boss HP scaling?