Trading System FAQ

When I try to sell some items, it doesn’t work

The shop might not have enough DP to buy the item from you. Someone must buy items from the shop to restore the DP.

figured it out

Hello, May I Ask A Question?

I Am Level 31, Yet I Have No DP.
IS There A Glitch Or Something?

I’m not at level 35 or higher why is my XP Efficiency dropping?

That was the old system. Now, because of the fact that regardless of level you gain the same amount of DP, efficiency will drop while you have DP at any level. I will update the OP at some point to reflect these new changes.

i cant log in for some reason

If you would like help, you need to fully explain your problem. Include all details and assume we know nothing.

Me too I didn’t get a loot box either for like a long time and I voted a lot and it still didn’t give me any.

all i really did was vote, and not get my lootbox but i only got my xp.

Well Wilton, if you are known as simply Wilton on the Trading System, then you are a level 0. The system will not reward vote loot boxes to users unless they have items in their inventory. You need to level up (100% efficiency costs you 5,000 DP, but at your level you won’t even need that much %), which grants you a loot box. Then simply open it and the next time you vote you should get your vote loot box.

Ok, thanks for the information Rofle.

i am lvl 8 i still dont have the trading

help ur server is giltch the zombie map all dont load in and its not my wifi everyone have this problem

help ur server is giltch the zombie map all dont load in and its not my wifi everyone have this problem

Emm…I Don’t See Anything In The Squares…not even in ‘‘tag’’ or ‘‘colour’’

You have to level up and keep your xp efficiency >0. Upon leveling up you will get a loot box.

i cant login to my DTP account

I cant login either

Is there any way to make your inventory bigger as I have my inventory full of lootboxes that I cant open them due to having no space… allows you to do this.

Why does the + on width/height of inventory not do anything?

It requires a cost DP per level, cannot remember exact figures but prob something like 2000, 4000, etc, it’s not labelled right now, so just get enough DP and try it out.