Experience changes since I last played?

Hey guys, I am currently working on a work in progress player to player FAQ here on the forums. I was considering expanding this article, as well as expanding my knowledge base of the server as I mostly play in survival, or sometimes Zombies because it’s epic.

Now in order for me to create a proper FAQ for new and returning players, I have been doing a lot of research, putting in time on the server and experimenting.

I think this is a perfect time for us to talk about a couple things that I’ve noticed, or have confusion in these categories.

For this, I will be referencing 1 or more articles located in the threads. I will post each one I reference as I feel it’s important we all land on the same page.

So firstly I will reference this article: Trading System FAQ

Under the trading system faq there’s a ton of great information, and what I can only assume is missing, or changed information?

Under the section 4. We see it says How do I gain XP? “You can gain xp from these sources” The rest is blank. There are no sources you can currently gain xp from? Is that what I gather?

Edit: I must have hit a button and submitted this post early. I’m not done.


I have experimented a few options that I knew would work for me previously to gain xp, and to no avail… Example, Zombies, various bosses in pve. ect.

None of these options have provided me with a single experience point. Also on the trading system the daily vote. You are supposed to receive a daily amount of xp according to https://t.dark-gaming.com

Vote for DG and get a Loot Box and 1,250XP I also know this isn’t working for me.

I know certain aspects of these features are frozen now due to changes, but I haven’t seen any exact specifics on it. What is this now? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Below this point, I will edit new information as it becomes available to me to try to help keep everything comprehensible until I complete the guide. I will also be adding myths that I have been advised by other players that will not work for me for some reason, as well as the reason why.

I can confirm that duke fishron no longer provides experience points in PVE as I have heard from several references. First myth, confirmed.

Second myth Ice Queen pve busted. I am unable to summon the ice queen at all. I consider this busted. No matter what I do the sign says to wait 119 seconds before I can summon the Ice Queen. In the event I wait 119 seconds and summon Ice Queen, it tells me to wait 119 seconds to summon Ice Queen. As I’m unable to summon and fight her, she cannot rightfully give me experience points.

Certain bosses will not allow me to summon at all in PVE section. I will make a complete list when it is available to me. Some signs when broken restore instantly and provide me with the message, “you are not allowed to build here.” It’s not all signs in the area, so I will just add each of these summons to a N/A section.

Thanks for the help guys I’ll add most, if not all links you have provided to the guide

I completed some more experimentation yesterday. I caught beetle on, and he helped out a good bit on a few things that I’ll be adding not only to the experience section of the guide, but the pvp section as well. (I’ll have to find his pvp guide again and link it as well.)

Experiment: Once I was able to use DP to increase my xp efficiency, I decided I was going to try some more rounds of zombies. I didn’t have much mostly only playing survival the last few months. I did have a few hundred to contribute. I attribute what I did have from last hitting bosses.

I was sadly, unable to complete a full round of zombies to work out the math on my experience gain due to hackers. (I’m working on editing a video of that now for the report section and it was getting late by this time.)

I was able to get some number crunching in though. Whenever I encountered beetle. He humbly guided me to the section of https://t.dark-gaming.com where I was previously unable to spend my DP. (Which I knew I had done before so I was even more confused. Turns out it had been longer than I thought since I last played as I didn’t remember you have to just hover over the “Xp Efficiency” portion on the page. The funniest thing… I’m pretty sure I did the same thing the first time I played before LOL! F’s in the chat bois.)

Numbers. I had accumulated 323 DP by last hitting bosses in survival mode. I converted this 323 DP to an xp eff of 32. Then for fun I added .3 to use the last 3 points before going into zombies. I had held this dp for a couple months as it grew. Playing zombies before encountering the hacker… I gained I think 230 more DP.

So I’m curious about DP drain now, I have read through the mathematics system, as well as the other articles posted here, and I don’t see a mention of DP draining faster when xp eff is activated. Is this a thing? The reason I ask, is this. Once I gained the 230 DP. I decided it was a good time to move on the video edit as I would be close to the starting point I was at and would have a fresh start in the morning. However, all 230 DP I gained is gone. How was I able to hold that much DP trying not to gain it, but it drains in 1 day after activating xp Eff? Is this calculated somewhere?


Add basic info that everyone needs to know, like the jr ban thing


I definitely will once I get more comprehensive content to add to the guide. A lot has changed apparently since I was last able to play.


For the XP part to work you need XP%. Also, it’s not fixed at 1250XP, it’s always 25% of your required XP. Since you can have 200 XP%, this means you can make it 50% of your required XP

Refer to this instead Mathematics of the Economy


There’s also this:

it hasn’t been updated in a while but you might find some use in it

And this:

which redirects you to


In order to earn XP on the server’s economy, you first need XP Efficiency, which you can fill via your account view on the Trading System website. To fill your XP Efficiency, you need DP, which is earned independently of XP. I think the rate is 10 DP = 1 XP Efficiency %, so you would need 1000 DP to have full XP gains (someone correct me if I’m wrong). Afterwards, you need to keep earning DP to sustain your XP Efficiency; if you run out of DP, your XP Efficiency will be drained next. Methods to earn DP can be viewed via the Mathematics of the Economy list.


There is no precise number that I know of, but this is what I’ve observed:

Exp Eff DP Drain
x<0\% Highest
0\%<x<100\% Lowest
100\%<x Second Highest
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