Make PvE Great (again)

This is kind of based off Solar’s other suggestion:

So, at least according to Mathematics of the Economy, PvE gives a very low amount of DP and a slight amount of XP. Here is the current table:

I’m not sure if this is entirely still accurate, but here’s my suggested changes.

King Slime x0.05 x0.05
Eye of Cthulu x0.05 x0.05
Eater of Worlds x0.05 x0.05
Brain of Cthulu x0.05 x0.05
Queen Bee x0.1 x0.1
Skeletron x0.2 x0.2
Wall of Flesh (total) x0.2 x4
Queen Slime x20 x2
The Twins x0.2 x2
Skeletron Prime x0.2 x2
The Destroyer x0.2 x3
Plantera x0.2 x5
Golem x0.2 x4
Duke Fishron x0.5 x10
Moon Lord x10 x50
Empress of Light x0.2 x150

I think 1. the Economy guide is outdated, and 2. that I’m not entirely sure what all of this means (pretty sure I don’t get 0.002 XP every King Slime kill?), so everything here is probably kind of inaccurate or subject to change.

The only part of it that seems outdated is the Zombies section. Every other section is fine.

In PvE, you get XP per damage dealt to a boss.

Let’s say you deal 20k DPS to King Slime, which has a DP multiplier of 0.002.

\text {20,000 Damage per Second} \times 0.01 \times 0.002 = \text {0.4 XP per Second}

Keep in mind that the sign command in PvE summons multiple King Slimes.


I didn’t know this because the NPC table itself only has values, without explanation.

I think PvP is outdated too

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I’m sure the PvP part is fine too, so how’s it outdated?


Doesn’t each player kill give 1 DP instead of 0.1 now?

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How much DP do you have?


I had 2k, but I spent it on an inventory upgrade. Right now I think I have around 150, but the reason I thought it was 1 DP per kill was because it went up by about the number of players I killed every time I played PvP.

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It’s way harder to get DP if you have more than 5k DP in the bank.

You get DP by killing players and dealing damage. Let’s say you deal 600 damage to another player and kill them:

0.1+(600)(0.001)=\text {0.7 DP per "Kill"}

I guess that would make more sense.