DP Calculation Experiment Update

Note: Some people were saying they couldn’t earn DP, this update is unrelated to that as it was done just 10 minutes ago

As an experiment, the DP gaining has been changed to the following:

The daily gain limit is 2000 DP and resets at the same time every 24 hours (a specific time not yet specified, but at the time of this post 14:08:30 UTC or 2022-05-06T14:08:00Z, this will change if the system is restarted for an update). Once you reach 2000 DP earnt your multiplier is 0 until the daily reset.

The gain multiplier is:

\operatorname{earnMultiplier}(reward, dailyDpLeft)= reward * (dailyDpLeft / 10000)

Take specific note that it is not based on your balance, so you could have 1 DP or 10,000 DP and you would still earn the same amount. I’ve also added 200,000 DP to the bank pool (split between each system bank). When the system banks get low, it is a prompt to me to investigate what is causing people to earn DP but do nothing with it. In some cases this is caused by a bunch of players being inactive.

XP Efficiency has also been set to not go below 100%, this should help new users. Also if you had more than 100% efficiency, you will now see that you have 100%, this is because I accidentally set the minimum efficiency to 10,000% and had to reset everyone’s back to 100%.

I planned to do something similar in the next update, with more tweaks than this as part of balancing and allowing over-earning, however, as there are still other things in the way of that update, I decided to try the simplest part of this out now.

This replaces the “Earn Multipliers” section of Mathematics of the Economy



I don’t spend DP because I want to upgrade my DTP Inventory. I stay at 5k DP for a long time waiting for someone willing to trade DP, and I’m willing to give .50 credits for 3k to 5k DP. Because earning any above 5k DP(before, in PVP) is just a pain unless I do a Hardcore Zombies run on Shadow’s Descent with good players.

Also I just fought some players in PVP just now. Ended the lives of 10 players and earned 2 DP :hah:

Upd: Oh wait, I’m earning a lot right now. This is truly poggers. :+1:


bruh rip Russ

(and me kinda too)

In general, i like it


I beat in pve 4 QS, 2 WoF and killed 2 players in PVE. I got 2 DP and think that that is OK.


poor eerie, good to see dp is more balanced now :]


This is pain.


xp eff? oof


That and the destruction of the dp gain.
(2 dp gain for every kill in PvE and PvP)


oh wait all bosses only give 2 dp now?
well that explains why I was getting so much dp from PvP…


Well, one reason is not just people being inactive, it could simply be that they cannot get to the Economy. I know that I was able to access the Economy around two months after joining the forums. I believe a lot of players never join the forums so, finding a workaround for people who havent used the Economy could help a bit? I hope its not too difficult


What do you mean by:


Well, the Economy is accessed to my understanding, through the forums, which I had to do. A lot of people don’t join or look through forums for lots of things because they just want to play.


It is to be noted that, players only start earning DP when they login to the DTP for the first time. So they must have got in there at least once.


Ahh, that makes a lot more sense… I don’t believe I had remembered that. Sorry for the possible confusion!


Funny, Gywn only realized that the DTP existed recently and earned his first DP after playing for over a year. No idea how he thought people were getting various titles and colours when he couldn’t


I was wondering why my 50% eff. Became 100%, Thank you Good Sir keep up the good work hoping that you stay safe