Guide To PvE

This is just a guide to people who want to fight bosses/earn truckloads of DP without playing Zombies. It would be much appreciated if you corrected mistakes or added strategies or something. (Boss scaling is probably like completely wrong)


Currently (and most likely forever if PvE doesn’t get a new manager), there are seven arenas and one weird pixelart build. Altogether, they satisfy every bossfight (except for Blood Nautilus and that Cultist guy) and every event possible to summon without causing problems outside of the arena (except for the Torch God).

The Main Arena

/warp Main Arena
Is the main arena in PvE. It splits off into a boss arena and a mob arena.

The Boss Arena

/warp boss
Is the boss arena, the right side of the Main Arena. Skeletron, EoC, the Queen Bee, Destroyer, Plantera, Duke, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, the Mourning Wood, Santa NK1, BoC, EoW, Golem, the Pumpking, the Everscream, and the Ice queen are located here. It’s a proper PvE arena (despite ignoring a giant space that could be used better for bosses) and most of the players go there.

The Mob Arena

Is the mob arena which only contains some types of mobs. It is the left part of the Main Arena. These mobs are Ichor Sticker, Floaty Gross, Herpling, Slimer, World Feeder, Corruptor, Ice Elemental, Wolf, Ice Golem, Gastropod, Psycho, Unicorn, Giant Tortoise, Giant Flying Fox, Mysterious Portal <Very Mysterious, Ghoul, Dune Splicer, Basilisk, Crawltipede, Selenian, Corite, Evolution Beast, Alien Queen, Flow Invader, Martian Walker, Martian Engineer, Scultix Gunner, Elf Archer, Elf Copter, Flocko, Nailhead, Pirate Captain, Red Devil, Skeleton Sniper, Bone Lee, and Paladin.

The Event Arena

/warp ea
Is the arena that was made before the realization that you can’t put events like the snow legion in a single space without it invading other arenas without complex signs that spawn a set number of set mobs.

Moon Lord Arena

/warp MoonLordArena OR /warp mlarena OR /warp let
Is the moon lord arena. It is solely dedicated to fighting moon lord and used to have a bot that kept moon lord from escaping.

Old One’s Army Arena

/warp dd2
Is the arena where you fight the Old One’s Army. If your going to fight it, you might need some help against Betsy.

Wall Of Flesh arena

/warp wall
Is the arena where you solely fight WoF. It’s a platform in the underworld where any crimstone brick gets actuated.

Duke Fishron And Empress Of Light arena

/warp duke
Is just for another Duke Fishron and EoL. Theres also an extra sign that spawns in Dungeon Guardian but unlike the other signs, it doesn’t work for people without the /spawnmob permission. It’s also worth noting that the EoL sign spawns in two dukes because why not.

Gathering DarkPoints and Xperience Points

As you can see here, King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu, and Skeletron are so ez that they give basically no DP and XP at all. So don’t fight them ever if your gathering DP. Wall of Flesh kind of sucks too. Empress of Light doesn’t give you much XP, but geez, it gives truckloads of DP. 75 to be exact. If you ever want DP, go to Empress, unless your too bad at the game to defeat it. To get XP, go to any boss other than Slime, EoC, WoF, EoL, Skeletron, or Duke.

Killing Duke

This is only for the designated Duke arena, or /warp duke.


The bomb summons four dukes at once making it very efficient. It also has a delay before summoning which lets you get ready before the fight.


Starboarding is simple to setup. Get your Celestial Starboard and Soaring Insignia, replace a few accessories with them, equip your pogo stick or slimy saddle, then get a bomb. Now your all set up. To actually starboard Duke, place your bomb by the sign, go left till duke catches up to you → up till you get close to the ceiling → right till duke catches up to you → down till you get close to the floor → repeat till duke is dead. You don’t need any homing weapons for this because it’s not hard to aim and also since it’s not hard to aim, zenith is the best weapon here. It is much faster than anti-gravity hook, but not as safe.

Anti-Gravity Hook

Basically, equip your anti-gravity hook and get your bomb, then place your bomb on the duke sign. Hook the platform above the sign, then circle around and around with it. Just make sure Duke doesn’t kill you at the start of the fight. Homing weapons are much better than zenith in this case, simply because they are easier to aim. I use S.D.M.G. + Chlorophyte bullets for this.

Killing EoL

uhh ive never fought empress before someone add your own strategies plz

Multiplayer Boss Scaling

The more players there are, the harder bosses get. This only affects health though, not damage or abilities or whatever. You can see here for a detailed list of boss scaling. Each player seems to make the bosses health go up 30-40% of what it already is.


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