Strange things with XP

So i have readed the Popstarfreas post about how works the economy/trading system , but something strange happened

As you can see in the image, i have 5000 XP, But i NEVER have got enought DP to get XP efficency, so i don’t have any idea of how i get that,the other thing is that in the post about how trading system works is this

There is no information about how works XP in zombies mode, thing that is the gamemode that i play most the time, so i really would like to know how works the XP, since i not the type of person that grinds the same boss for hours…


I think on level 1 you get 5,000. The same thing happened to me.


Make some more DP and convert some of it into XP Efficiency.

After you have some XP Efficiency, then you can gain XP.

Zombies doesn’t give a whole lot of XP. Play PvE or PvP if you really want to level-up.