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This post is to list any and all interesting posts i find on the forums. Things like important posts not featured in Forums Timeline (WIP) (Fadadadada did a pretty good job of listing most of the posts)

If you are wondering, the reason that i know about these posts, know there is a reason. And a reason as to why I know about the unlisted posts.

This is also a sort of sequel to my comments on History of Dark Gaming.

One type of post that I will always include is any unlisted post, seeing as those are far and few

X = The post is unlisted


X Forum Rules

Meet John | The Return of John - Post about a chatbot Rofle made.

X Getting "Trust level 1" (TL1) - Guide by Geolindrag that was unlisted by Rofle himself.

X Hosting Funding

X My Perm Ban Explained + Russ Exposed as a Hypocrite?

X Healing Potions healing to full hp in consumed from hotbar in PvP


isn’t it a guide by Geolindrag instead?


ah my bad, 2468 didnt make the post. i just thought it was him cuz he made the first comment on it


update: 2468 contributed 2 hidden posts


well damn i cant edit it no more ._.

imma just post em here i guess

terrariabutterfly - account or lackthereof - #2 - This post doesnt exist really? its weird


i don’t think the post exists because the staff made that post a whisper


whats making a post a whisper? and why was that post made a whisper?


When a post becomes a whisper, it can only be seen by staff. Normal users can’t actually delete the first part of a topic, so it could be why. It could also be because of legacy forum stuff.


hm interesting


Tejdxa just unlisted this post:


thanks, ill include the post as soon as the bug is fixed.
reminds me of the time i found something similar in zombies 0182346013478@^%(!


dont know if this is outdated or not but i thought mathematics of the economy was quite intresting


100% agreed, but yeah due to bug the DP gain in zombies was either 1% or 10% the usual value, sry, have forgotten, NetherOw could tell for sure
as for other dimensions DP/xp gain i am uncertain, but i don’t believe those have changed, as for metals value from Glasia, sad that we don’t know r7 and r8 iirc, or was it r6 and r7 metal DP value

although wait… isn’t this about unlisted posts?


yeah id say its interesting, but this post is more so dedicated to interesting posts that are also unknown. alot of interesting posts are on Forums Timeline (WIP)

its about unknown posts i found interesting, and unlisted posts for me falls under unknown, as theres no way to find them unless youre a mod or insane (like me!)
i found this post naturally. this alone isnt that interesting, but whats interesting is whats after it

  • Jungle's Echo (tejdxa)
  • Apocalypse Shelter - #6
  • Little Village - #5
  • Shadow Requiem - #3 (haruno)
    these are 4 posts made directly after P2843 (short for Post ID 2843, as 2843 is the id of the post. this implies that (since i doubt the first map made was Jungle’s Echo) all maps made before were made by rofle himself (and perhaps a select other few). P2843 was the post that was made when you could make your own maps. These 4 posts i listed are the first Map Submissions. im actually planning on listing all the maps in chronological order after i finish my map

also new unlisted post
X = How can I create a custom lobby in zombies - #5 by EraRyuu


Interestingly enough, ive found the point where the Discourse forum starts. this means no more troves of deleted users

Additionally, ive found another unlisted post.


Overview of posts [WIKI]

Here we can use this to add unlisted/interesting posts to the topic.

Unlisted posts

How can I create a custom lobby in zombies - #5 by EraRyuu
Spamming unknown signs that make mobile players crash
Healing Potions healing to full hp in consumed from hotbar in PvP
My Perm Ban Explained + Russ Exposed as a Hypocrite?
Hosting Funding
Getting “Trust level 1” (TL1)
Forum Rules
27512, 27287, 27560[1]

Other Posts

Meet John
The Return of John
mathematics of the economy
Jungle’s Echo
Apocalypse Shelter - #6
Little Village - #5
Shadow Requiem - #3

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oh damn wait is there a way to do it for the main post itself? convinience sake


Sadly the main post is too old to be made a wiki but you can ask a staff to do it for you


nah its ok ill just edit ur post


its okay that i can still be banned, im just trying my best to be unbanned so that if i want to play on the server, i can so that i dont got to wait…