Interesting Posts


This post is to list any and all interesting posts i find on the forums. Things like important posts not featured in Forums Timeline (WIP) (Fadadadada did a pretty good job of listing most of the posts)

If you are wondering, the reason that i know about these posts, know there is a reason. And a reason as to why I know about the unlisted posts.

This is also a sort of sequel to my comments on History of Dark Gaming.

One type of post that I will always include is any unlisted post, seeing as those are far and few

X = The post is unlisted


X Forum Rules

Meet John | The Return of John - Post about a chatbot Rofle made.

X Getting "Trust level 1" (TL1) - Guide by Geolindrag that was unlisted by Rofle himself.

X Hosting Funding

X My Perm Ban Explained + Russ Exposed as a Hypocrite?

X Healing Potions healing to full hp in consumed from hotbar in PvP


isn’t it a guide by Geolindrag instead?


ah my bad, 2468 didnt make the post. i just thought it was him cuz he made the first comment on it

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update: 2468 contributed 2 hidden posts

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well damn i cant edit it no more ._.

imma just post em here i guess

terrariabutterfly - account or lackthereof - #2 - This post doesnt exist really? its weird