Getting "Trust level 1" (TL1)


Recently, with the implementation of the "Blacklist-helpdesk" group , In order to remove the IP blacklist you will be required to send a private message to this group in order to get a solution to this problem
However, you may find that you don't have the permission to send private messages, due to how works the forum.

In short, The forum has 5 "Trust levels" ranging from 0 to 4, these decide what can you do and can't do
The moment you join the forum, you will be at Trust level 0, however In order to send messages, you will need "Trust level 1"
the requieriments are
  • Read at least 10 minutes
  • Visit 5 topics
  • Read 30 posts
  • And having an account
So here is a guide in order to get it as soon as possible.

Getting Trust level 1 (TL1)

Things to consider

First, be sure you are logged in your account
You will need 5 topics with at least 7 replies each, I recommend these due to its medium length,

Cats with terra blades
How many colors do you have
Normal House
Your first time playing terraria
Post your terraria hours here

In order to get count as “Readed” You will need to spend at least 10 seconds, but we will use 30 seconds, due some bugs that may happen,and aswell to get the 10 minutes requirements.

Now, when you enter in a topic, Keep an eye on this



This number shows at which reply are you currently located

Getting the requirements

  • You are going to count 30 seconds when this happens, scroll down untill the number changes to the next one
  • After that, Repeat, Count 30 seconds, Scroll down, 30 seconds, scroll down and so on.
  • Do this until the number shown is "8 / Number" ,after that, just switch to another topic, and repeat the same action

At the end, you should have 35Minutes of read time, 40 Posts readed, and 5 topics visited

Did it work?

If you did this right,You should get a notification on your profile icon at the top left,
it should look like this.

If you still didn’t got it, you can check what are you missing at your profile
Click on your icon, and select the little person

Then select Summary

You should be able to see your stats, Check that these ones met the requirements.


Hello @popstarfreas. I have a question. Can you tell me why this topic is unlisted? It appears to be unlisted for no apparent reason.


Because it is encouraging treating TL1 like a checklist instead of actually contributing to the forum


Are we allowed to link this to users who try to PM staff for e. g. password reset or blacklisted IP but fail due to the error that you cannot send PMs yet?


That doesn’t exist anymore