History of Dark Gaming

This is a wiki post with the goal of painting the picture on the history of Dark Gaming, ordered by date. If you find information or videos that's not listed you can add it in, even if you made the video yourself. Preferable not too many videos on the same time period, prefer higher quality videos over lower quality for those done in the same time period.

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For the dedicated archivists, here’s some info:

  • The Archive dimensions provide some insight into what the world looked like back then and what the server was called.
  • The world’s used to be named “Ultimate World v1”, “Ultimate World v2” etc
  • At some point the name of the server was “Dark World Terraria”
  • We used to use enjin for the forums (url is in one of the archives)
  • At some point our domain was dwgs.zapto.org (Home | Dark Gaming)
  • The server was created around Feb, 2012. The original was in 2011 but didn’t last long and I do not remember what it was called or what the world looked like.
  • I used to go by names like:
    • Dark Gary
    • Rofl
    • The Merchant or Merchant
  • /archive0x2 is the oldest one we have (that I know of). However, at the bottom-right of that world is a copy-paste the first ever ultimate spawn (used in 2012 I believe), that world is not available to me - note that blocks for this archive were converted. Gold bricks and dungeon bricks used to look like gray bricks, so the archive uses gray bricks painted to look like the original (note the videos that show the old bricks)
    • The spawn (v1) you see there was actually converted from something that looked very similar but used to exist near the top of the world (I do not recall having any such worlds, so there’s no archive of this)
  • The IP in 2012 was








April - Terraria 1.1.2



















1.4.4 releases, many bugs from server not updating ensues


@GlasiaVD23 becomes mod
@pwrwq becomes a mod, gets removed 13 days later for mod abuse
@NetherOw gets mod


PVP looks so different, so does everything from pre 1.3, but I guess that makes sense without the variety of blocks that we would have now. I do remember seeing the old lobby from a CrabBar video at one point.


Sorry for the necro, but I could probably give some info relating to the forums. (ill put in more info as time passes)

This comment will list any topics I find interesting enough to maybe deserve a spot in this DG History Compilation. Anyone is free to add any important posts/correct me or to question anything.

I am not editing these on the wiki post myself out of laziness and also because i may not be the best judge of what is deemed important. (also its enough effort looking and liking at all these posts)

lastly ive checked all posts 100% from 0-949, but i havent posted em here. after this point i can give a 50% guarantee that all the posts will be glanced at to see if they merit a place here, but if anyone wants to have this list be concice, they can check the posts from 0-949 (pragmatically and preferrably when i finish the posts from 949-present).

https://forum.dark-gaming.com/t/forum-rules/949 - 9/Aug/2014 - The first ever post relating to the Dark Gaming Forum Rules. (currently unlisted and merged with the other Forum Rules and Guidelines post, only a few hours older. Thought this was interesting enough to share, especially due to it being unlisted)

https://forum.dark-gaming.com/t/meet-john/92 - 3/Feb/2014 - https://forum.dark-gaming.com/t/the-return-of-john/976/18 - 13/Aug/2014 - Both posts refer to John, a chatbot that Rofle developed 9 years ago. The second post was an update of John.

https://forum.dark-gaming.com/t/trading-system/1105 - 4/Sep/2014 - Trading system post, seems important.


ok goddam i cant edit it when its a month old. thats fine, because fadadada covered basically all the important forum posts in his timeline post (somehow). ill still post here when i find something interesting about DG or the DG forums, but i wont add to this list sadly

also i found the second known unlisted post on the forums

this wasnt listed, its IcyWarriors helper application, the creater of Never Ending Story, the oldest post with over 1000 comments