DG PvP Overview

Dark Gaming PvP Overview

Dark Gaming’s PvP is mechanically different from other servers. We have numerous custom features that give us more control over the environment and weaponry being used, including but not limited to custom damage, projectile velocity, damage caps, restrictions, and armor changes.

Custom weapon damage

Rather self-explanatory, we have the ability to modify the base damage of nearly all weapons, and projectiles, which has allowed us to create a far more balanced setup to our PvP than most other servers. Currently, you can grab almost any unique weapon and it will do viable damage on Dark Gaming’s PvP Dimension.

Furthermore, Rofle, Dark Gaming’s sole founder and developer has created a system in which other players can actively look up the modified statistics of weapons;

Custom projectile velocity

Much like damage, we are also able to modify the velocity of most projectiles from weapons, allowing us to make weapons like Ice Sickle significantly more viable with a large velocity boost.

It essentially just means that we can make projectiles move faster/slower.

Damage Caps

A more unique feature DG offers is a maximum and minimum damage each weapon can deal, which was put in place largely to ensure that tank kits & super glass cannon kits are fair to fight.

Basically, whatever we set the damage maximum to is the most that weapon will ever hit, and the damage minimum is the least that weapon will ever hit.

PvP restrictions

Another feature which is fairly self-explanatory is that we are able to restrict items as necessary.

Currently, the list of restricted tools is largely reserved for weapons we cannot currently balance (Last Prism, Meowmere, Proximity Mine Launcher etc), weapons with bugs we cannot currently fix (Lunar Flare, Charged Blaster Cannon, etc), a small selection of armor and accessories that encourage scummy and unfair gameplay (Frozen Turtle Shell, Shiny Stone, Master Ninja Gear, etc), and lastly, prefixes on armor, which get automatically removed by the system.
For a full list of banned equipment, see the bottom of this post.

Armor Manipulation

New to 1.4, armor now has customizable defense & damage values!
Unfortunately, these will not show up in-game, but rest assured they WILL affect your damage taken and dealt. To view a full list of armors affected, check the PvP Manager OR you can look over this spreadsheet for a more direct comparison of affected armors!
Additionally, we’re able to modify Beetle Shell set bonus, & Solar Armor set bonus specifically!
Beetle Shell’s damage reduction has been changed from 15 / 30 / 45% DR to 33 / 66 / 99% DR.
Solar Armor’s damage reduction (on the shields) has been changed from 20% DR to 0% DR.

Damage Variation

A minor thing we can manipulate, Damage Variation is effectively how much or how little your damage can fluctuate. By default, this is around 30%, but we’ve changed it to be 10% to be more consistent, without removing it entirely.

Defense Multiplier

Another thing we can manipulate, regardless of the world’s mode. Defense Multiplier is how much your defense effectively reduces damage taken. Currently this is set to 75% despite the world being in Master Mode.

Banned Equipment

Shiny Stone

Simply gives far too much regeneration, and encourages very defensive and slow paced play.

Frozen Turtle Shell/Shield

Encourages defensive and slow paced play far too much.

Brain of Confusion/Black Belt/Master Ninja Gear

Adds a completely RnG chance to become invulnerable for a few seconds.

Star Veil/Bee Cloak/Mana Cloak/Star Cloak

For some reason the fallen stars specifically from accessories tend to be incredibly buggy and won’t despawn, or will spawn with a velocity of 0.

Bone Glove

The bone thrown currently copies the held weapons damage, which can create a similar scenario to orichalcum armor, but one we can control less.

Celestial Starboard

Simply FAR too fast to be fair for PvP, especially combined with Soaring Insignia. It removes a large amount of skill expression and is TERRIBLY unhealthy as a result.

Vortex Helmet/Shroomite Breastplate/Psycho Knife

Invisibility is simply no longer healthy for PvP due to invisibility removing your health bar as of 1.4. It’s become easy to equip one of the above and go completely invisible and regenerate up to full health, even if super slowly.

Arkhalis’s Lightwings

For some reason these wings in specific cause IMMENSE fps lag to everyone online, even those far away from the user.

Pogo Stick

Similar to Starboard, Pogo Stick simply enables far too fast of PvP without needing much skill to take advantage of.

Item_1326(0) Rod of Discord

Teleportation even if significantly restricted effectively lets you dodge basically anything in just one click.

Obsidian Pants

Obsidian Armor’s set bonus makes whips even more bigger than they already are, making it not even necessary to get close to players.


Most weapons that are banned are banned because they spew too many projectiles for us to reasonably balance, OR because there is a bug relating to the weapon we cannot account for. There are very seldom exceptions, but if you’re curious you can simply ask in #pvp-general, and someone will have an answer for you shortly!

Extra Resources!

Some extra useful information to check out if you’re curious.
If you’d like to have other resources to be listed, feel free to edit this!
PvP Manager
PvP Inventory Viewer
Beetle’s Guide to DarkGaming PvP
Solar’s Armor Tier List

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