Enemy Gamer's PvP Handbook: Comprehensive Weapon List

Disclaimer: All information is provided assuming that you know how Dark Gaming’s PvP differs from other servers. If you do not know about the differences, please check out these posts:

As well as checking out the PvP Manager and Armor Spreadsheet for weapon and armor differences.


This guide isn’t really much of a guide, it’s just me showcasing something I’ve been working on for a while now.

The Comprehensive Weapon List is a spreadsheet of every single viable weapon from every class, and all statistics related to them, including:

  • Damage (Base, Minimum and Maximum)
  • Velocity
  • Weapon type (Swords, Guns, Staffs, etc.)
  • Weapon archetype (More info in spreadsheet)
  • Strengths and Weaknesses

This guide was made with the sole purpose of having the most detailed weapon list possible, all organized into one spot.

The Comprehensive Weapon List Spreadsheet

_I’ve finished all I want to add to this spreadsheet, If you have any suggestions for what to add to this doc, leave them in the comments.


After looking a little bit at the weapon list, i noticed the combat wrench is called a “boomerange” instead of a boomerang. Is this an error?


yeah, fixed it


Updated spreadsheet to include ammo types, but only for weapons that have multiple viable ammo types

If you’re curious, Mini Nuke I is the only viable rocket