Enemy Gamer's PvP Handbook: Comprehensive Armor Spreadsheet

Disclaimer: All information is provided assuming that you know how Dark Gaming’s PvP differs from other servers. If you do not know about the differences, please check out these posts:

As well as checking out the PvP Manager and Armor Spreadsheet for weapon and armor differences.


This is another one of those “guides” that isn’t really a guide, moreso a showcase of a spreadsheet I’ve been working on.

This spreadsheet is meant to be a detailed armor spreadsheet, with most viable armor sets and their most important stats.

This spreadsheet also provides a calculator for calculating the stats of a set of armor. In order to use the calculator, you have to make a copy of the spreadsheet.

Keep in mind that whenever you make a copy of the spreadsheet, it won’t be updated whenever an armor piece’s stats change, so you’ll have to make a copy for every change.

The Comprehensive Armor Spreadsheet