Trading System - Trash Slot Removal, Selling and Efficiency Refill Change

Deleting Items

As part of the next trading system update, the trash slot is being removed (suggestion) and instead each item will have a new delete option:

And you even get an extra confirmation:

I expect the Sell option will be more interesting than just deleting an item. There will be two ways to sell I expect:

  1. Selling to the system - a non-negotiable amount you get in exchange for selling an item. The amount is expected to vary and so selling at a different time than someone else may result in getting more than they did. Metal items in particular will have a higher value than other items at their rarity.
  2. Selling on the market - a custom amount that someone else must pay for and that person will get the item

DP/XP Boost

I’ve replaced XP Efficiency with XP Boost and DP Boost. Instead of refilling an efficiency bar, you can buy an xp/dp boost from the shop (or from other players) that will temporarily boost your XP/DP gain to a set amount for a limited time.


When you have 0% boost, the bar will not show.


Items the shop sells will be changed to a specific set of items usually not obtainable from loot boxes.



A new unlocks page so people can more easily see what features they’re missing (zombies abilities / crew commands)

Other Thoughts

If anyone has thoughts on anything already shown or anything new, now is still a good time to put forward your thoughts or ideas before some features get finalised.


I think the “are you sure you want to delete” should be added to other actions such as extending(if it’s kept) that consume items


wait if you can just sell an item instead of deleting it, why is the delete option a thing in the first place when i can just sell an item to get dp. are there some non-sellable items?


Item durability will be DP driven only. From what I remember nothing will consume items anymore.

A few items are marked as untradable and unsellable, so deleting them is the only way to get rid of them (mostly reserved for items intended for a specific user only), others (like the Loot Box in the image) will be unsellable to the system, but you can sell them on the market, so it’s a matter of waiting for a trade/sale to go through or deleting it to make space.


Would it he possible to add something that would say “would you like to buy this item” when going to buy something from a shop as i keep on accidentally spending all my dark points and this would stop that from happening


Also would it be possible to have some way to check how much dp has been gained in one day or even just something that says when the maximum dp gain for per day resets so people know when they can go farm more


sheesh it looks sick

but when?..


Added DP/XP Boost, Shop and Unlocks preview to OP. These entries are mostly mockup so don’t pay attention to specific numbers.

At some point, when there is a semblance of a system, some people can join me in a closed test. Based on the current trajectory it is possible that we will be looking at incompatibility with the current live system, depending on testing and likely a poll, I will either cut some features from the new system (some of which I have shown) and thus keep it close to the functionality of the current system, or break away with new features and require starting again.


this also would’ve look sick if there were some advancements cuz rn zombies boring. Nothing fun to do, except those 3


For the dp /xp boost would it start at 100% and then you boost it up or is it you have to pay dp /xp to get it up for 0% gain or is it that 0% boost would he the same as 100% xp efficiency right now. I hope that makes sense.
Im interested to see how it works : )


0% boost would be equal to having 100% efficiency atm. But since lower than 100% efficiency is now impossible, it makes more sense to have the newer numbers work differently which is why it’s now called a boost and applies extra on top of normal. But it’s not stackable, i.e. a 50% DP Boost is applied and lasts x many hours, and during that time you cannot apply another.

And unlike before you can trade or sell boosts because they’re items.


DP Drain from XP is no more. I think it means DP will be easier to store. (Also how is @Eltralor level 650 while I am only at 70?)


I guess I vote every day, it gets me one level, and I farmed a lot in zombies before with a few pals (which made it easier and was very motivated cus i had nothing else to do) for dp and exp but I was never the chatty kind till now M am taking a break from leveling up because of school (also i like french fries)


He probably got most of his levels before the xp effic reset and just continued leveling up by getting more xp effic and killing shit in PvE


Halellujiah, my dp will finally be safe from the gnawing jaws of dp drain