Trashing colors/titles should give some DP with rarity

I think some titles and colors should give DP upon trashing. that way, if you need to get rid of tags you don’t want, you can sell them for a little bit of extra DP.

Rather than this, I was thinking of a salvage function for example.
T1 colors titles and tags can give a maximum of 150 dp
T2 can give 300 dp
T3 400 dp
T4 450 dp
T5 500 dp
T6 550 dp
T7 0.5 credits
T8 0.10 credits
And t9 items can give you either 2000 dp or 0.15 credits.


Proposed table:

Rarity DP
1 5
2 10
3 20
4 40
5 80
6 160
7 320
8 640
9 1280
10 2560
11 11 (only selfmade titles are R11)
12 12 (only lootboxes and voteboxes are R12)
public int trashItemListener(Item i){
    (if !(i instanceof Metal)){
             return 5* Math.pow(2, i.getRarity()-1);
        } else {
             return i.getRarity();
    } else {
        //The calculation for metal items

Maybe we could make it so self made titles are worth credits, considering that is what is used to make them, 1/4th of the price. 0.25 credits for a r11?

Edit, I believe t9 should be 0.25 credits. And t11 are 0.50 credits. Because they are both from credits. T9 being a gamble for 1 credit.


that is nice, although idk what the value of dp and credits are much, all I know is that they can get crew, commands, titles, etc




As stated previously, the DTP is in feature freeze, which means this suggestion is impossible to complete. Therefore I am rejecting and closing it to release the votes.