PvP Update v1.1.5 | Christmas & 2022

Balance Changes

A very large number of balance changes have taken place. For exact details and numbers on the changes made, please visit the PvP Manager HERE.

  • Frost Armor: Defense increased, Ranged damage decreased, Melee damage slightly decreased.
    Despite being a hybrid armor set, Frost Armor functioned best as a high damage ranger, as such it was adjusted to be more in line with what it aims to be: a modestly tanky melee ranger hybrid.
  • Solar Flare Armor: Set defense unchanged, boots given a defense increase.
    The boots offer a unique 15% melee speed and health regen, which has potential to be useful on specific hybrid kits in thwarting campier playstyles like beetle shell clockwork.
  • Valhalla Knight’s Breastplate: Defense reduced & damage changed from Melee → All.
    Simply far too powerful, the defense reduction aims to punish users who use it often, and the damage change aims to prevent valhalla being optimal in cqc last ditch scenarios.
  • Hallowed/Titanium/Crimson/Crystal Helmets: Defense of all non-melee helmets increased to allow viability.
  • Molten Armor: Buffed to function as a Mage/Melee Hybrid with low melee speed.
  • Dark Artist: Defense and damage buffed as a Mage/Ranger hybrid.
  • Gi: Damage and defense buffed as a jack of all trades armor piece with low defense.
  • Flying Dragon: Damage increase to compete with Eruption and Tune.
  • Chlorophyte Claymore: Velocity increase to imitate 1.3 Christmas Tree Sword.
  • Bananarang: Damage increased to allow viability.
  • Nettle Burst: Damage increased to allow viability.
  • Aqua Scepter: Damage decreased & Velocity increased to increase consistency of aiming in all cardinal directions, and keep the weapon fair.
  • Clockwork Assault Rifle: Damage decreased to reduce the effectiveness of campy & tanky kits & playstyles that abuse clockwork high base damage.
  • Onyx Blaster: Damage increased & shard damage decreased to allow for a more useful spread weapon without giving unfair potential.
  • Phantom Phoenix: Phoenix velocity drastically increased to increase viability.
  • Chlorophyte Saber: Velocity vastly increased, sword damage decreased, projectile damage increased. Psuedo wall pierce option in vain of starfury.
  • Diamond Staff: Velocity vastly increased, damage increased.

Many changes were either not shared due to how small they were, or my brain being too small to remember them when going over the list, so be sure to check out the PvP Manager for the full list of details!

General Changes

  • Damage Variation: Lowered from 5% up and down to 4% up and down (10% → 8% variation)
  • Position Desync Correction: Enabled, distance threshold set to 50. See this thread for more details
  • Christmas Arena!:
    The arena has been updated, with a new tunnel at the top, a redecoration of the winter area, and a slight expansion of it too! We hope to see users a little more actively around this partof the map, and are open to future suggestions regarding the expansion and improvement of our arena!
    Thanks to Cloode, Hunter, and Avery for their work in the above improvements!


Two tournaments are currently in the works, one is already being hosted by resident PvP weirdchamp @Madofado, and will begin on December 3rd, ending at the end of the month!
Details for this tournament can be found → here!
And the tournament’s bracket can be found → here!

The other is currently planned for early 2022, titled “Draft Tournament”!
For details on this format, check out the Challonge page → here!
More details on this tournament will be revealed in a thread created at a later date!


The arena has been updated yet again, following our latest feedback!
The winter area has had a few minor visual improvements and a small layout tweak, let us know how you enjoy the changes made!

Alongside this, a new set of changes have been pushed:

  • Bananarang:
    Max Damage increased to 80, Damage decreased from 65 to 59 in the name of making melee speed kits not insanely unfair with the Gi buffs.
  • Stake Launcher:
    Damage buffed from 67 to 70 because it’s not competent with laser rifle even on ranger kits
  • Aerial Bane:
    Damage nerfed from 82 to 79, Max Damage decreased from 96 to 93
    Aerial Bane has consistently been a spammy, safe, high damage tool for players to abuse with little fear of punishment from a distance, this aims to make it more of a coverage tool alongside Betsy’s rather than a long-distance tool of death
  • Magic Dagger:
    Buffed across the board to allow for similar performance to shadowflame knifes (when they function properly anyways)
  • Red Ryder:
    Velocity increased from 8 to 22, Damage increased from 120 to 124, Max Damage increased from 150 to 170.
    This allows Red Ryder more of a niche usage as opposed to being a slight sniper upgrade without the scope.
  • Chlorophyte Saber:
    Velocity increased from 21 to 32
  • Beetle Leggings:
    Damage increased from 6% to 9%, Defense increased from 23 to 24.
    Allowing these legs to function as a lower defense alternative to gladiator legs with a small melee speed bonus in exchange.
  • Beetle Helmet:
    Damage lowered from 6% to 3%, Defense lowered from 26 to 25.
    … But we don’t want to buff Beetle Shell’s set bonus.
  • Hallowed Hood:
    Minion Damage increased from 10% to 15%
  • Solar Flare Helmet:
    Melee Damage increased from 11% to 14%, Defense increased from 19 to 22
  • Solar Flare Breastplate:
    Melee Damage decreased from 17% to 10%, Defense decreased from 19 to 16
    Overal a nerf to Solar Flare Armor, melee simply shined too well through this kit to justify using melee based hybrids. The reallocated stats aim to give solar flare helmet the potential to be useful in kits that want the regen and can afford to drop other types of stats that other helmets offer.
  • Gi:
    Damage increased from 9% to 11%
    Just increasing the efficiency of a useless armor piece :slight_smile: