In preparation for Christmas 2021

“Correction Position Desync” has been enabled,
and “Correction Min Distance” has been set to 50.

To understand what this entails, the basics of this state that when a users position does not line up with where the server says they should, they will be physically moved to the location the server THINKS they are.
The “Min Distance” states that “if the user is over this many units away, the user will be warped”.
When initially tested, this was set to 5, which was easy to trigger via any amount of server lag or delay, so with some testing of higher values, I believe 35 to be a value of which ranked competitive dueling should be taken place under as of right now, but as this is mostly in effect for FFA, I’ve set it a bit higher for the time being.
Please be sure to leave feedback on this change, how playable or unplayable it is for you ALONGSIDE screenshots of your ping and jitter which can be measured on /rift by doing /ping.