Zombies v1.26.2

This is a patch update for Zombies to address some problems.


  • Correct bad Formatting with [Host] @Tejdxa
  • /arena list now works properly with pagination @Tejdxa
  • Hardcore lives are displayed properly @Tejdxa
  • Updated buff mappings for items that were changed in 1.4 @Tejdxa
  • Added better protection against sentry errors @popstarfreas
  • Blocked boss/invasion summoning @popstarfreas
  • Piggy banks/safes/void vaults are now cleared to prevent people taking items from them @popstarfreas


  • Added colors to the pre-battle menu @Tejdxa


  • DP/XP Gain is now only possible on maps that have been certified for economic gains - a list will be published shortly. This ensures that the payouts from Zombies is fair.

In Testing:

  • Sentries is still currently being tweaked. Changes are hoped to be finalised in v1.27
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What is the reason for banning pogo stick?

Did it work before?

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Yes, it is also one of the most important parts of my map

What chest type is it in?

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Ammo Chest

Is there a reason for that?

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Not really, except that if people lose any of the items in the chest (some items just randomly disappear), they can easily get it back.

Try set it as a weapon chest and see if it works

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Works now, thank you

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The list of certified maps is available here: