Survival Changes

Continuing the discussion from Poll: Special survival seeds:

Update on this since it doesn’t seem that Eerie or Legolas#1 have said it here.

This is still going to happen, however, changes made to Survival by Legolas#1 are being tested first in a normal seed so that the special seed doesn’t interfere with being able to assess the changes. As someone with more interest in Survival than I, it is expected that Legolas#1 will become the main contributor for changes in Survival, I will only be responsible for reviewing and approving those changes. This means, I expect, after Eerie and Legolas#1 have be crowned officially as Survival Managers, that they will be solely be responsible for reviewing and accepting Survival suggestions.

I’m also aware of people still complaining about boss bags that are not able to be picked up. It is imperative that someone with the courage take it upon themselves to use prototype until it happens so they can send me the messages it logs in this scenario. As prototype is not exclusively for Survival, if it is not online or not pointing to Survival you need to request it to be opened.


For fun, whoever provides me with the chat logs that help me solve the issue will get 60k DP and 1 Credit.


Good day sir! First of all I like to congratulate the new survival managers.:tada::confetti_ball:

I also appreciate how the staff takes really good care of the server especially you “the founder” solving problems as well as making changes to the server that makes it more enjoyable and fun for all that join.

I also thank you for noticing the plea of the many who experienced this problem.
I too have experienced this bug from a Moon Lord bag, it was heart wrenching as it was a valuable bag. I tried all the possible ways of getting it without outside interference: dying, waiting for 5-10minutes, the last was leaving and coming back expectedly it only despawned the bag.

I googled it, when I came across a reddit post experiencing the same problem. I’ve read the entire thread hoping to get some answers, unfortunately none has found a solution… They said it was a “multiplayer bug, and when this happens your bag is basically gone, you cant pick it up, and simply reconnecting to the server despawns the bag” and that “t even followed physics of the world (fell if we broke the block below it) but just couldn’t pick it up.

Here is a link:

My only theory on the problem is- from the code on the game itself. “Take note: that I’m not an expert on programming or really have any experience on programming games, but I have knowledge on the basics as a person who admires Game development.” The program cant validate the amount of bags there is for players, or simply when a fix number of players interact/get close to the same bag it makes it harder for the program to sort whoever gets the bag(not individually) this makes a bug making the bag a noninteractive object that follows ingame physics.

Thats my take…


Thank goodness you are encouraging people to report bugs, most of them don’t really care or report it despite affecting their gameplay


…or even abusing its exploit and get banned


Can you please have it opened for this reset? I’d like to assist with figuring out the bug. Also, can we actually do an entire run of survival from prototype?


As far as this bug goes, I’ve not once experienced it. This really doesn’t help any I know, but due to this fact, we can at least presume that not all players experience the bugged boss bag. Nevertheless, I am really curious to see what is causing it.


From what i can tell from playing survival, the boss bags glitch when there is a lag spike as people are trying to pick it up or when someone who is really laggy attempts to pick up the bag. This might not be it but this is what it appears to be from my experience. Hope this helps : )