Survival Boss/Mob Modifications

Time-Based Boss Scaling

All times are relative to 21:00 UTC Friday

Boss Time After Reset Until Boss Hits Vanilla Difficulty
King Slime -
Eye of Cthulhu 5 hours
Eater of Worlds 1 day
Brain of Cthulhu 1 day
Queen Bee 1.5 days
Skeletron 1.5 days
Wall of Flesh 2 days
Twins 3 days
Destroyer 3 days
Skeletron Prime 3 days
Empress of Light 3 days
Duke Fishron 3.5 days
Plantera 4 days
Golem 4 days
Cultist 6 days
Moon Lord 6 days

The scaling currently applies to the boss and its projectiles only. All bosses bottom out at 80% strength at 10 hours passed their vanilla time target.

The exact strength of all bosses at a specific time can be checked in-game (in survival only) via /strength

Scaling Graph:

Player Count Boss Scaling

The following bosses are fixed at a specific number of players and will not be scaled based on how many actual players there are:

  • Skeletron Prime at 10 players
  • Duke Fishron at 10 players

All other bosses are scaled at a minimum of 17 players. That is, the bosses do not change health until there are more than 17 players, then vanilla scaling applies.

Mob Strength Scaling

Mob Scale
Bone Serpent x3
Hellbat x1.8
Lava Slime x3
Fire Imp x2
Burning Sphere x3
Demon x3
Blazing Wheel x3

All others are x1

Super Enraged Wall of Flesh

When enabled the WoF is scaled to x20 base strength (time based scaling still applies) and health is reduced to 2.5% of what the health would be at that strength normally.

Boss AI Modifications

Queen Bee

Queen Bee has been modified to automatically despawn once it tracks a target that is no longer in a jungle biome, it’s likely the boss will still travel outside of any jungle biome but it should despawn once arriving at a player that is not within a jungle biome (be aware that jungle farms at spawn can still count as a jungle biome)