Differences between DG survival and vanilla survival

Here will be listed differences between vanilla survival and DG survival

Anti Cheat/Survival TrueSSC

This is a system detecting unrealistic stack sizes and items which you couldn’t get with norrmal progression (i. e. e. g. Zenith before Moon Lord).
However mobiles receive some issues which will be listed later.

Additionally, anti-cheat does occasionally delete fishing loot. While irritating, you can significantly reduce chances of this happening to you by simply moving away from the place you are fishing at, or, more precisely, your bobber (fishing thingy that bobs).

Boss scaling

To prevent rushing there are boss timers until which the bosses are buffed by a high factor (cf.Survival Boss/Mob Modifications). Also the boss strength scales with the number of players.

Boss/invasion summons

Only crew people can summon bosses/invasions. Using a boss/invasion summon as a non-crew will use the item but no boss is spawned.

Crafting stations

You don’t need to craft crafting stations because there is at the spawn a field with all the crafting stations

Enemy Buffs

Hell enemies and Blazing Wheels are buffed significantly. Expect to get one-shotted by Hellbats in the early game, though Blazing Wheels can be dodged relatively easily.

Hardmode disappearing

Once hardmode is reached and a certain number of enemies is beaten then hardmode will disappear. Rekill Wall of Flesh to get Hardmode again.


You can only build houses on the asphalt platform left and right the spawn. The command is /house define (name).

Item drops

Only crew people can drop items, Non-crew’s item drops will be deleted.

Mobile issues

Some crafting recipes are different between mobile and PC which causes that those recipes uncraft upon crafting on mobile. In that case ask a PC player to craft it for you

Openable loot items

Def.: Openable loot items are:

  • Boss loot bags
  • Crates
  • Lockboxes
  • Presents and Goodie bags
  • Herb bags

When opening those items it can be that the loot gets deleted.

Resets and regenerations

The world is cleared every Friday at 8:50 PM UTC. Every 12 hours the world is experiencing a regen, i. e. chest drops are refilled and HP crystals are replaced but all farms outside of spawn will be gone.


To reforge items, hold the item and enter /reforge to reforge it while goblin tinkerer is alive. The command is to be used and not the NPC itself.


There are biome warps:

  • /warp jungle
  • /warp surface
  • /warp caverns
  • /warp locean (left ocean)
  • /warp rocean (right ocean)
  • /warp hell (center hell)
  • /warp lhell (left hell)
  • /warp rhell (right hell)
  • /warp spawn (spawn platform)
  • /tpnpc (npc type) (TP to NPC)
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this is kinda useful, thanks


Added enemy buffs and fishing anti-cheat because both of those were extremely confusing for me when I first started survival xD

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