New concept for the custom WOF

So, i think we can agree that, atleast on paper, the concept for the custom WoF is good, but it creates quite a lot of lag and can get in the way most of the time. I feel like a cool thing to do would to have a custom seed which gives some of the more major bosses custom strengths and such

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wait what’s the custom wof?


It might be this?

(in other words, it begins the fight at full speed and strength, in addition to the timed boss scaling multipliers)


Its kinda nice cuz it at least makes melee viable and turns it from a completely unfavorable fight to a high risk high dps matchup with nights edge by riding directly in front of the wof with the risk of instant death. Sometimes it pretty problematic because of lag sometimes letting the bastard catch you off guard but otherwise i enjoy it. It almost feels like its impossible without a high power melee so maybe a noticable hp nerf would help a bit