Submission Guidelines

To make a submission you must follow these guidelines.


  • You must have Crew
  • The complete map must exist on build
  • The complete set of armor/weapons etc must already be defined
  • The map must confirm to the chest color standards

Please Note

  • Chests are overridden as normal chests at this time
  • You can change your map and its classes/items after it is moved
  • You will have to add all the classes and items yourself
  • Sign contents don’t carry over, you’ll need to re-edit them
  • You’ll need to be online for your submission to move forward. If I (Rofle) am on Phase, send: @Rofle map submission (name). Don’t spam this message, but it will let me know you are online.


You must post a thread in the appropriate section with the following format.
#1 Location of Map

#2 Builders

#3 Unverified Rating
<Specify one of: Beginner, Normal, Difficult>

#4 Class breakdown

#5 Ownership
I [permit/do not permit] someone else to take over ownership of my map and for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive.


The unverified rating is intended to specify the intent of the maps difficulty. Ratings are categorised as such:


  • Map contains no lava pits or parkour
  • Map provides easy enemy spawn locations
  • Map provides good enough weapons/armor/other to not challenge players that much

Examples: Beach House, Winter’s Scream, Hill House


  • Map contains no unrevivable lava pits or difficult parkour

Examples: Winter’s Howl, Crystal Caverns


  • Map contains hard spawn locations
  • Avoiding enemies is necessary
  • Possible unrevivable locations

Examples: Shadow’s Descent, Heaven’s Hell

[h2]Chest Color Standards[/h2]
Class Chest
Painted Deep Blue. (You are allowed hidden class chests, but you must have at least one that is this color).

Armor Chest
Painted Deep Pink.

Accessory Chest
Painted Deep Sky Blue.

Health Chest
Painted Deep Red.

Mana Chest
Painted Blue. (Not Deep Blue)