Map Submission Update

:orange_book: Map Submission Update

The map submission template has been updated, and a new section has been added. It is now required to have images of the map: one without annotations and one with player spawns and mob spawns drawn out. The new section is quoted below:

#6 Images
Put the images of the map here. There must be at least two images: one without annotations and one with annotations. The annotations must point(rough location) out where the player spawns and mob spawns are. You can annotate images with editors such as Pixlr or ShareX.

The full template is readable here:



  1. Screenshot of minimap or of map out of minimap?
  2. Can you also tell what other you need to consider, e.g. max 10 mob spawns, max size, no timer rule etc.?

Entire map with camera mode, not the minimap or the fullscreen map

The rules are dynamic but generally don’t try to do absurd stuff like 20 mob spawns or advanced wiring mechanisms


Worried about what lag would affect in my another map forgotten project