Sentry Crashes in Zombies


Hello, Alex403 here. I’m one of the oldest Zombies players, and I’m here to report the instability of the sentry (and guardian) ability. I offer 10 talking points based on hundreds of games of experience.

Any time I mention “crash” means a dimension collapse has occured, and everyone has been booted from the lobby.

  1. Active sentries in expert mode (r12+) have a near 100% crash rate when trying to reach the round 20 boss.

  2. The amount of time spent in expert mode or a lobby does not always coorelate with a crash. One time, I crashed instantly when round 12 started (after the 10 second countdown), with only 2 sentries active.

  3. Actions that have instantly caused crashes are zombie spawns, placing sentry, stop time (time warp), guardian spawn, chat and commands.

  4. Crashes will not occur if all sentries are picked up (built but not placed)

  5. Sentries placed before a round starts or when no mobs are alive has never crashed (yet).

  6. A single sentry can cause the lobby to crash.

  7. The “stop time” function of time warp may cause crashes as early as round 6 if a sentry (or guardian) is active.

  8. Guardian crashes do occur, but are much less frequent.

  9. In rapid mode, sentry can cause crashes as soon as round 6, or possibly sooner if time warp is used.

  10. Afk sentry farms are seemingly stable if all zombies are killed in less than 5 seconds of each spawn. I attempted this a few months ago in Lunar Mineshafts, and reached round 50+ before manually aborting.

Thats as many talking points as I can add without being redundant. Personally, I find it interesting that the data in point 2 contradicts point 10.


Please provide the timeframe this happaned. We can’t investigate the logs if you don’t provide a timeframe for which this happened


I forced a crash at Sep/08/21, 11:27pm edt (close to the 30 second mark).


Thanks :+1:, I’ll test this when I have time. I appreciate the bug report :heart:


Heres another interesting timestamp, in case it helps. Sep/25/21 12:21 pm edt we crashed on round 6 with only sentries and another player (shaman).


One more, Sep/25/21 1:36 pm edt has a round 6 crash likely due to a guardian-time warp interaction


I believe after the changes of v2.1.0, Sentries and Guardians are now stable enough to mark this as fixed.