Reworking of impersonation rule (if you got permissions to impersonate another member and if you clearly indicate it as a joke)

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The new impersonation rule should look like this because what if I have permission from the other member to say jokingly “I am (othermember) (joke)”? They don’t think that’s offensive and according to the current rules the mods would ban me.

#7 Impersonation

Using the name of, claiming to be or hinting at your identity being that of another person is impersonation. Jokes do not get around the rules if not clearly marked as such.

  1. Impersonating other members of the community without their permission and if it is thought by many other persons that the impersonater is indeed the impersonated member will result in a ban.
  2. Impersonating those outside of the community, when considered by Staff to be malicious or fraudulent, will result in a warning and any further offence will result in a ban.
  3. Impersonating when not considered malicious or fraudulent, and therefore for entertainment purposes, is permitted. This also includes if you impersonate a member with their permission for entertainment purposes

See Cipher is actually done with Skemor’s permission currently I’ve been using said character to work with new vanity designs, and PvP kits

The most recent version of Cipher uses a modified variant of Skemor’s current PvP kit with a Devil May Cry Dante vanity


Current Cipher version