Loosen impersonation rule

Loosen the impersonation rule:
if someone simply says “I will ban you” without being staff they should be warned once, possibly link to Why impersonating mods with texts like “I will ban you” or “I am a mod” is bannable and after 2nd offence they should be banned, not directly.

Saying (joke) like “i will ban u (joke)” (or /j, /s) implies that that is a joke and not be taken too serious, so this should be maximum warned.

Especially if no one really thought the user would be a mod and starts asking questions like “Ban the hacker” or “There entered someone N word, ban em ban em ban em.” this impersonation should be warned only. However if many thought the impersonator would be a mod then a ban is OK.

When someone says like the server “King Slime has awoken” they should be maximum warned because the font color and the > Dimension [Title] <Username> : formatting make clearly visible that it is not the system. Also you cannot use [c/AF4BFF: Empress of Light has awoken!] because between the [ and c automatically an asterisk is placed.

All other points (saying “I am (famous dg member) ('s alt)” and fraudulent impersonation (“im redigit and ill force close this s… server”) should be still bannable as by saying “I am Glasia” then spamming may confuse the mods).

Ravensburg: I am Glasia alt
Ravensburg: iowehroouvpiosefocougeuifphcwdwizgocuobewdiuchwofubwcoihwefoichw
Viking5:    OMG Glasia spammed
Con:        ill report you Glasia and you will be banned

Then mods time is wasted to search whether that alt had the same IP as me.

Can you explain it in short? Because i didn’t understand


This has already happened once which resulted in the 4-point rule we have now. A key talking point is sarcasm. Under the current rule, no sarcasm is tolerated because(paraphrasing) there’s more people than you can account for and they may or may not know it’s a joke


Thank you.