Why impersonating mods with texts like “I will ban you” or “I am a mod” is bannable

Moving from rules to separate topic because people will find it easier


There were a notable number of people who got banned for saying jokingly “I will ban you”. Mostly they only understand that this is bannable only after the mod tells them while rules like “No spam” and “No caps” are commonsense and don’t need long explanations.

With what those people try to justify the action of saying “I will ban you” in ban appeals

“It was just a joke”

As the rules state, jokes don’t get around impersonation. Some impersonations if done as a joke can turn out badly:

[Lame] Karl (stuck in a traffic jam): I am the server owner
[Crew] VaMi37 (the forgotten): Hello, can you come to /build, 
        someone griefed my house. Can you rollback maybe? 
[Guest] Alfa5: ewkmhrbckhwebrkhvbwkiehrbvkijwberkjicbwkeuibciuwberkuibev
[Guest] Alfa5: I AM SUPER MARIO caps caps caps
[Lame] Karl (stuck in a traffic jam): YAhhsunounwuhizsgiz
/*VaMi37 thinks Karl is a bad owner and tells that
in PMs on the forums and via FB and Insta*/
=Two Weeks Later=
[Falcon] Geralt: Rofle, did u go on alt and spam?
[Super-Admin] Rofle: No.
[Elb King] Armin0: Then explain this: https://forum.dark-gaming.com/t/.....
=Rumors of Rofle spamming the chat arise and the server reputation drops=

“They know that I am not a mod”

  1. Newbies who forgot their password may think that that is a real admin and expect help
[Guest] WandaMax8: Hi, I forgot my password, can you help?
[IE User] Eliko (the good): I am mod and can reset it. 
[Guest] WandaMax8: Thx
[IE User] Eliko (the good): Haha, get trolled :troll:
//WandaMax8 votes the server down and tells on discord that the mod trolled them
//Reputation of the mod goes down
  1. That you are not a mod is only clearly visible on Phase and Phase is not so well known.


Impersonating mod even with “I will ban you” create false beliefs about the server staff and should not be done.