Moderator Report: Legolas

[1] Members name.

[2] Report: what rule(s) they broke (quote them).
This player did not break a specific rule. Rather, I am reporting them for what I believe to be an abuse of power.

[3] Did this affect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?
This directly affected me; no one else was outright affected by his actions.

[4] Evidence. (If this includes chat, Phase link one or more messages)

  1. The first image showcases and highlights Legolas’ response to my message countering his point. With seemingly no care to elaborate at all, he immediately refuses to explain himself or come up with a proper counterpoint, cutting to the chase by closing the appeal.

  2. The second image highlights a blatant misinterpretation of context. While conversating, I made sarcastic remarks about Helfire_Arrow (someone I occasionally talk to, with him also admittedly having taken no offense to the statements I made about him), and it was extremely obvious that I was specifically referring to him and no one else, as I had commented on him in the midst of his duels and/or when the topic was already about him (or if he was presently in chat).

  3. In this series of images, you will see highlights in support of my claim in my second statement, where the context behind my jokes are more than obvious. It should also be mentioned that none of my jokes contained profanity, were used as a means to express hatred of disabled people, nor incite violence towards them in any way, which makes this a completely inoffensive series of comments as they were not in violation of the rules.

  4. The third image (shown below) is yet another misinterpretation. I gave proper responses as to why this was the case and why it was not in violation of the rules, and they can be seen underneath the third image. The final statement I made in response to Legolas was completely ignored with no elaboration given or reasoning given.

  5. The fourth image showcases and highlights the apparent lack of good reasoning. This goes to show that the core reason why the appeal was denied is because of a grudge against me. While it is true that I have been banned 3 times before (all of which, I believe, were fully deserved), I agreed in my last accepted appeal in November that a final ban would be fully deserved had I committed another offense. This time, I did not commit any offenses, and Legolas has denied my appeal simply based on the number of times I’ve been banned before and not because of something more reasonable (such as actually committing offenses, which I did not do). He has also fully ignored me since I wrote this last message.

  6. In the fifth, I also include highlights from a screenshot in our private messages where he claims that the evidence “is present” and that I “keep ignoring the main points.” This is simply untrue, as in my appeal I addressed and elaborated why each of the following series of messages I sent did not break the rules, in the most formal, rational, and obvious ways possible.

  7. Lastly, the only real reasoning given behind me being banned was “not understanding how my actions affect the server,” something that is entirely alleged and not true. No one was offended by my commentary (as no one complained at all about my behavior within the server) and neither were the people who I directed my statements to. Legolas has accused me of non-existent instances of people being offended. My behavior in-game hasn’t been complained about by anyone at all. It is also extremely unprofessional to simply alledge that people were offended without any evidence at all, and combined with the fact that upon further investigation, no offenses were actually committed on my behalf. It is with great displeasure that I am making this report, as Legolas was someone I knew and got along with for a long time in the community, but I cannot ignore his disappointing behavior given the severity of his punishment imposed against me.


You can find my appeal here: Fabsol's Appeal
If you have any further questions, feel free to discuss them with me on Discord. My tag is @aylohhh

[5] Dimension: (if this is a server report).

[6] Roughly, the time (in UTC) the offence was made. (if this is a
server report)



Ngl, i dont get it… why should that be an abuse of Moderator perms?


Very simple: Incapability to address or explain oneself combined with serious flaws in the reasons provided is enough to be an abuse of power.


is this a joke? you get a final statement on your fourth ban and the first thing you do is lash out at legolas? you and i both know that this charade isn’t going anywhere, this is just shameful.

why? it’s clear that the whole of your actions are more than the sum of their parts. even from the few points of evidence present in your appeal, it is clear that you were constantly making whistleblower remarks on sensitive topics and being condescending on others.

if you were actually concerned with becoming a decent person at all, you would recognize that being offensive is never limited to whomever you are speaking to. oh, and what if tratalon and helfire said they weren’t offended because they were forced to develop a toleration for being insulted so frequently? have you ever considered anyone else involved in this matter outside of covering for your own ass?

what about other people present in chat? aren’t you normalizing and reciprocating harmful stereotypes? see, there is reason enough for you to be apprehended if you’re willing to vindicate your bigotry just by arguing that the victims mentioned in your appeal expressed, directly, to YOU, the person that is insulting them, that they were offended?

all that you have proven in this post is that even if you were to be unbanned, you would continue the same awful behavior regardless, since, as Legolas has expressed, you do not understand why what you did broke the rules stated.

your object here isn’t even to make amends with any of the people you potentially offended. no, you want to eliminate the person that just so happened to handle your catastrophe of a ban in a fit of petty rage.

oh, and if anyone comes across this post that has never interacted with Fabsol before, i would advise against this! i’ve never talked to Fabsol and there is good reason as to why. i’m not here to argue why Fabsol isn’t a very agreeable person for me, outside of the points i made in this post.


They weren’t offended because I know them enough and talk to them outside of the game. You don’t know us, and quite frankly, you’re shamefully clueless on the matter of how we treat each other. Also, no one else was offended by those remarks, which makes this claim extremely null.

If you read my appeal carefully, you would see that I specifically mentioned that if what I said were truly unacceptable, a rule would be made against it. My presence and vague statements in-game didn’t affect anyone, which you would see upon further investigation of the case if you look for the messages written in response to my comments in Phase (which, by the way, there are none).

Ammends? What ammends? Do you not see that I screenshotted them blatantly admitting to not being offended when I had asked them if they were or weren’t?? It’s obvious you did not read.

You don’t know me at all and I do not know you; you immediately jumped to the conclusion that I am a misbehaving and evil person because of a ban with obviously flawed reasoning.
Edit: I remember you on second thought: you were in-game with Camelot and I on a Zombies map. I remember you were a genuinely toxic player and argued with Camelot a lot, while I just said nothing the whole game.


Brother, the server is not your own personal discord, it has rules. You can’t say what you want and not expect consequences. It’s over, let it go. All these paragraphs that you are typing will not change anything at all. We AINT reading allat :100: :speaking_head: :bangbang:


I expect consequences for actual offenses broken. Whether or not this will change anything doesn’t matter to me at all.


yeah so did lego and now you want him demoted :skull:


The issue is that I didn’t commit any and therefore I want him demoted.


Violation of S1 #6, I hope this is clear enough for you to understand.




This doesn’t even break the rules. If that were true, other people wouldn’t obviously get away with it.


Then make a report.


i thought we were supposed to be friends :cry::cry::cry:

Also I figured I’d point out the plethora of irony in the man who needlessly commented on me in PvP and the man who hasn’t yet beat his allegations liking the opposing claims


make a report when :pray:


Down bad shit


homeboy needs to move on from his terraria plushies and get some real play


it is baffling how socially and morally inept you are, and you are hanging on loose ends trying to manipulate the narrative. i’d suggest doing some soul searching in your life =)

hey is it me or is it obvious you didn’t read


I’ve already got play, thanks.

The narrative wasn’t manipulated: I pointed out the obvious and thoroughly elaborated why it’s wrong. Also, telling me to “do some soul searching” is real concerning given you are a notoriously annoying player who neglects critique from his Zombies maps and goes on hour-long tangents about why he’s the perfect architect.


Ad Hominem.


Its not going to happen. I can say this with 100% certainty. Give up. Let this thread die.