Moderator Report: Legolas

I didn’t say it was going to work and nor do I care if it does or doesn’t; the message is out there and the reasoning behind it is too.


As a moderator, I have my autority to ban any suspicious and malicious player that will negatively impact our server, we know who you really are, don’t try to play a sneaky rat move over this post and your appeal

Since you are being delusional you haven’t broken any rule, we are self aware you will try to evade, therefore all of this report turns obsolete


It’s obvious that you care a lot about this topic, otherwise you wouldn’t have written a 600+ word essay detailing the reasons Legolas should be demoted.

A+ by the way, the average essay is about 300 words long


Fabsol, my advice if you are going to evade is to invest in an actual paid VPN, hope this helps. See you soon!


Even if I did evade, there is no statement about ban evasion in the rules. Had I behaved blatantly scummy if I did, there would be proper reason to make the argument that you “knew me.” Also, calling me delusional doesn’t help your case at all, since you were delusional enough to pull reasons from thin air on behalf of “offended players” (who do not exist) and “broken rules” (which were not broken), meaning it’s apparent you’re obviously too illiterate or stupid to comprehend any of your own allegations, let alone explain yourself.

Most of my long responses or posts take about 10 - 20 minutes to complete. The final decision doesn’t matter to me, but I obviously hope it goes my way because I still firmly believe and am able to explain why it is unjustified.


While you are correct about it not being in the rules (or i had just missed it), i feel like it would be common sense that ban evasion is against the rules given that the whole point of a ban is to prevent the player from joining the server as a punishment for breaking the rules, hence evading a ban would be like evading the fact that you broke the rules.

I would also like to mention that ban evasion is subtly mentioned in the rules as a bad thing


S1 #6 states “as well as helping someone avoid detection for ban evasion”.
We can imply from this that ban evading is not allowed, and that Rofle forgot to mention it. Keep in mind that the community (managers and mods aswell) have been asking Rofle to remake the rules for years.


It is mentioned as a bad thing but not as against the rules, because that rule specifies that aiding others in circumventing a ban is a direct offense, but doing it yourself isn’t (as the banned player is, well, already banned). The only way a further offense can be committed is if more offenses are committed in the midst of the evasion, which didn’t happen.

EDIT: In response to Legolas’ final message, the purpose of a banning system is to punish rule offenders. I didn’t break the rules, which makes this report justified because you as a moderator aren’t doing your job and banning members (such as myself) who haven’t done any wrong. It should also be mentioned that Legolas has still completely refused to elaborate, which makes him blatantly ignorant of his own wrongdoings and painfully stubborn.


What’s the point of a banning system then?