I Don't Think You Can Explain This (Terraria Housing Mechanics)

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I can explain the 2nd one. A house needs 2 blocks of empty space for the npc to stand on. The platforms block all empty space except for where the crystal ball is.

Therefore, the crystal ball blocks the last avalible space and invalidates the house.

idk about bottles tho.

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You’re right about that area being a standing point for the second house, but there are still many questions I’d like to see answered about the second house in particular:

  • Why is it a valid standing area to begin with? and what constitutes a proper standing area?
  • Why is it still a valid house if it has no walls at all?
  • Why is it a valid house if there are platforms obstructing the way in the middle of the house?
  • Why does the presence of the crystal ball validate the house?
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Platforms can be diagonal to each other with out creating a wall, not a backround wall, but like the edge of the housing, I can’t answer anything else though.

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I already made a post which explains the standing point requirements about these houses and the relationship between a valid standing point and furniture tiles.
However, I have yet to explain the usage of platforms and absence of walls. Should I make a third post to explain this?

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