Hypothetical Forum badges speedrun (Completed!)

So actually in the Comment frenzy, someone sayed this as a joke

But, What if this was real…?
So i am doing this mostly because want to improve my formating skills
Also try to don’t do this, unless you want to suffer

Now some rules:
Time based badges are not gonna be considerated, Like “Devotee” " anyversary",“Aficionado”, “Enthusiast” and “Regular/leader”

The ones like “crazy in love” and the others are Counted since you need to actually do someting Now with that settled on, Lets go!
(By the way, i am making this mostly to improve my text formating)

Wall of text has awoken!

Day 1, 0/44 Badges

The beggining

So first of all,you need to complete the discobot tutorial, Since you can’t actually do more that the tutorial so here is the Medal 1 Also you can like in this point, so you can use your first 50 likes,Giving to us First like, Out of love and also make sure to read the comunity guidelines, so now we have 4 medals in total

Talking about reading, make sure to read a topic with 100 or more posts, So you can have now Reader badge giving in total for today 5 Badges , We need Trust level 1 in order to post, So for today we are done

Day 2, 5/44 Badges

Time to spam!.... I mean posting according to guidelines

So you will automaticaly get Basic So that is a 6 !, Now you should go to edit your profile, So you can get Autobiographer 7 Badges so far, Time for our first Post!, So create a topic and make sure to use: Emoji, a link to another topic,Mention yourself,a video, (To get the boxed link),Quote someone And be sure that is** useful** like a report player (Obviously, you will need to find a hacker) to get a chance by getting the user of the month badge, So lets suppoce that popstarfreas didn’t wanted to give it to you ,Don’t matters, we will post in the future, and also, wuth all the things of before, now we have 12 Badges ,Now edit your post to add/remove someting to get* editor* and have now 13 Badges in the bag, since yems is a good person! (Or maybe not by liking ban appeals…) He/she will give you a like,Giving to you the badge “Welcome”
Also make sure to make a post in new users, se will gonna need then…14 Badges ,also make sure to use your likes again

Lets say that is enought for today, since i actually have a life outside this,so you take the rest of the day

Day 3 14/44 badges

Replying time!

Now we need to make replies in order to get the the “thank you” and " apreciated"
The most easiest way is go to comment frenzy, to never ending story, or make you a out topic post, and answer the comments (Obviosly, folow the rules #1,#2, and #9)
So when you get 20, again, our friend yems will like it all , making this easier to him/her!, make sure to like all their replies also, so with that now we have16 Badges , now you will need to write a guide for the badge, So an easy way to get it is make one about a specific zombie map about surviving, so if all gets good, now we have 17 Badges

And before the day ends, use all your likes, and share a post, to get the first share so at the end of the day we got 18 Badges

Now far from this point, the thing will get a little repetitive,so let say some standarts,
Lets suppose that you make 20 post per day,19 replies, and 1 guide about a zombies map, in order to get user of the month
So from here is the Hardmode

Day 4 18/44

after reading my wall of texts, I have refreshed my memory, time to continue

time to grind comments!

So if we follow this, we should have 31 posts (11 from before) and 200 likes given so far, luckily for the comunity, here are almost never bad posts (Like Witch hunting,harassing ETC) But for our speedruning luck, that is bad, but lets suposse that you finded 1, and flagged it before someone else, after getting verified, that is the medal 19!,we have done everything we can today…

Now from here…
Litterally is just luck,we can’t do any more than observe and reply a lot…

Day 5 19/44

Total posts so far: 51
Replies 48
Guides 2 + the first post
Likes given 250
We obtain higher love

Day 6 is just a dream … Isn’t real…

Day 7 20/44

Total post so far 91
Replies 86
Guides 4
Likes given 350

But this time....

We got Member that is a 21 Badges!, now we can invite people!, and since i actually have a life, i got … 2 friends? (1 being my sistar that plays, but doesn’t have an account on the server…), well… Lets say that im the person that is sociable with everyone, so we can alredy send 5 invitations, to people that we trust that will get at least 7 days in the forum, so we will get member badge!,
also now we will… sabotage the run?

not exactly,but lets say that they are my partners, so they will help me to get the 5 likes on 300 posts, since they are exactly 5!,so prepare forums!, now yems has competence on liking all the posts!,also this will help on harder badges like getting 10 likes on a post/and reply, since now are 5 likes and the yems one=6 meaning that if we actually post something good that gets at least 4 likes (Like a guide of some hard map like miner deceit, (or making a theorically almost impossible forum badges speedrun…?),

also make sure to edit a wiki,now you can do it to get the [color=FFFFA0]badge 22 [/badge](for example, adding the “Wall of flesh mask” to the Cosmic colapse overview that i haven’t added because im lazy…)

Also make sure to start the discobot advanced tutorial, at this far, you should be able to do it, that is a 23!

Day 8 23/44


Posts so far 111 (We will get at this point the Gives back and the apreciated badge, so now we have 25 badges!
Guides 5
Likes given 400

Lets suposse that thanks to our friends, we managed to get the 10 likes repky and post so now we have 27 Badges

Now we will need to time travel… Since now there is REALLY nothing that we can do…

Day 14 27/44


Posts so far 231
Likes given 700 (almost entire comment frenzy!)
At this pont i realize that the other data doesn’t matters…

At this poiny, our friends has 7 days, so they have member badge, and that means that we will get the 3 invitations badges!, to a total of 30 badges!

Day 18 30/44


Posts so far : 311, at this point we will have the admired badge that is a 31!

Likes gived 900

Day 20,28 and about the end of the run…

Is possible, but not here

In day 20 we will get the “crazy love” for using 20 times all the likes

Amd in 28, we will get the *Empathetic" badge, for getting 500 liked posts and giving 1000 likes

Since at this point we made 27 guides, lets say that we get the user of month badge, so we finish with 34 badges

why is the end?

Even that we got some almost imposible badges like 1000 clicks badge,

There is no way that we get a post with a 50 likes… Or a share with 300 views, NO ONE has ever get the easiest share badge, and only 1 person got the 10 likes reply… And that was about 3 weeks ago, our community is still very small, and most of people preffer discord, since… Well i really dont know…, but discord is more active…

But… There is a possibility.

What is Discourse?

Discourse is the forum system that is used in dark gaming forum, but discourse is a open source proyect what do i want to mean?

That if someone more uses this system, the badges system will be there,

That means that somewhere, in the internet…
Are more communities like this one, and maybe will be bigger or smaller, but there are more…
So if i find one, that is bigger than this, maybe, Just maybe will have a little possibility of actually completing this…

That, or wait 10 years until darkgaming gets more people… Lol

Anyway… So the hypothetical record for 34badges% is 28 days
Amd tecnically, the “most” speedrun would be 14badges% since these ones are most of doing this, rather than waiting and just liking posts…


You could create 5 emails and send 5 separate forum invites to them to be accepted. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get all the Invite Badges; however, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts on the forum. Alternatively, you could send invites to 5 other people who do not have forum accounts, but you’d have to rely on their cooperation.


For this is needed the “Member trust level”, and acording to my historial, it needs a week to get it


There’s the link badge which is impossible to get at the moment without spawning a lot of bots


Not only that, there are a lot of impossible badges, like getting 10 likes on a post, actually only someone has it, and happened like 10 days ago,

And there is actually one about topics also, that is the only to seem to be posible,
Becuase there is also the version of 25 likes and 50, also the link one that you say, being only the crew guide the one that has it (and also that was 22 days ago…) so there aren’t really imposible, but its almost imposible


It’s possible, but a lot of people will have to participate


Isn’t entirely related but I have bypassed LordAvery, harmfulcrane, and TheLorde123321 in stats on the forums.

Why is harmfulcrane a Member and not a Leader, despite being in the moderators group? All the other moderators are Leaders.


Ooh. . . you spotted an oversight. . . nice. . .


Well, they’re never active on the forum.


It was probably overlooked by Rofle. I personally ended up getting Leader quite some time after becoming staff. I don’t think it necessarily matters much because as a staff-assignable trust level, staff members should have the benefits Leader does anyways


Is there any link to a list of all obtainable badges? I’m trying to get more, but I don’t know what to do to get them.


First Reply by Email is unobtainable.

New User of the Month is unobtainable if you don’t get it in the month in which you made your account.

Every other achievement is obtainable, but not all of them can be feasibly obtained.


Sure, where are these?


Check this to see a list of all the forum badges: forum.dark-gaming.com/badges



I actually have quite a lot of these, except time-related ones, inviting people, and external links.

(How am I supposed to get 1000 clicks on a link, there aren’t even 100 active people here)

Same for posts liked hundreds of times or something, maybe these were intended for far larger forums.

:sushi: free emoji badge


As I said earlier:


I shared a link by email and nothing happened

does this count?

Edit: still apparently not


Read this:

Does what count?


I’m trying to get the First Share badge, not the First Reply by Email.
The thing I quoted was a link that I tried to share, which is why I asked “Does this count?”


I was confused, because you don’t get the badge by sharing the link through email. In fact, obtaining the badge has nothing to do with the email.


The share button is located at the bottom of a post.