Guide to GameModes

This is a general guide to gamemodes, not for a specific gametype.


Lobby Types

There are three lobby types:

  • Public - Anyone can join
  • Private - Only people who are invited can join
  • Custom - A private lobby which can be customized

You can set what kind you want when you join a lobby:

# Public
/join zombies
/join z

# Private
/join zombies -private
/join z -p

# Custom
/join zombies -custom
/join z -c

Custom Lobby

In a custom lobby, you get access to options to change how you want to play, this can make the game easier. You won’t earn any gamemodes-specific XP/DP from a custom lobby.

Below is a list of customisation options, not all of them work for every gamemode.

/lobby type [gametype]
This command allows you to change the Lobbies GameType. The available GameTypes are Zombies, FFA, TDM and Duel.

/lobby arena [arena name]
This changes the Arena/map for the Lobby. If you do not know what Arena to use, type “/arena list”.

/lobby battle
This starts the gamemode. For example in zombies this starts the spawning timer and starts the match from Round 1.

/lobby kick [player]
This will kick a player from the Lobby.

/lobby ms [score]
This sets the Maximum Score per Round that can be achieved. If Enabled, this will usually be the win condition.

/lobby rt [seconds]
This sets the Respawn Time for players when they die.

/lobby menu
This refreshes the menu in-case there was an error.

/lobby rounds [amount]
This sets the amount of Rounds per Battle.

/lobby time [minutes]
This sets the Time Limit per Round.

/lobby lives [amount]
This sets the amount of lives per player, per round. 0 to disable. If it is above 0, and ms is above 0, then either last alive or score will be used to determine the end of a round. If ms is set to 0 and lives is above 0, then it will be an Elimination-based Battle.

/lobby teams [auto/manual]
This sets whether teams are automatically set, or manually set.

/lobby team [player name] [team colour]
If teams are manual, this command is used to define the teams.

/lobby mobs
This toggles whether mobs are allowed in the Arena.

/lobby listitem [item name]
This will list an item. If Blacklist is enabled, then that item will be disallowed; if Whitelist is enabled, then that item will be allowed.

/lobby delistitem [item name]
This will remove an item from the list.

/lobby listtype [type]
Defines whether it is a blacklist or a whitelist. A Blacklist defines “disabled” items; whereas a Whitelist defines the only items allowed.

/lobby template [load/save/list] [itemlist/options] [name]
You can load anyones saved itemlist or options template, where itemlist is the list of items added by “/lobby listitem” and options are most of the other sub-commands, such as “/lobby ms”. Alternatively you can save your current itemlist and options to a template. The name must be unique.

/invite [player name]
Note that the player name only needs to include the first few characters that uniquely identify that person. For long names, this can save time! This will simply send an invite to the specified player, who will then do /accept

inviteall - not working?
/lobby inviteall
This will send an invite to every player. This is useful if there are a bunch of randoms online and you have no specific people that you would like to invite. This does have a cooldown (which afaik works).


In zombies you also get access to the God ability.