Duels as a Gamemode

As some people have seen, work has commenced on Duels as a Gamemode. This is going to be done in multiple stages and it is up to users whether they want to test it out at any point. But please do note that this is a multi-step process and it’s not going to work as we want until we reach at least the end of our plan.

The current plan:

Step 1 - Done
Setup a world with arenas on it to use for duel lobbies.

Step 2 - In-progress
Add the duel mode to GameModes. This is the simplest form of this idea, which is just reuse everything from zombies, if a player types /join duel, it either puts them in a lobby waiting for 1 other person or it joins an existing one. Once both players are there they get thrown into a duel arena and then shoved back into gamemodes.

Step 3
When joining a duel lobby, they are sent to PvP and then sent to the duel match once it’s ready

Step 4
Players can now type /join duel or simply /duel in PvP itself and it will work as above

Step 5
Outputs of duels are printed in PvP.

Step 6
Change duel lobbies so that there’s a queue system first, and players are ranked by a basic ELO system. The idea is that the longer they wait, they less the matchmaker will care about putting them with someone close to their skill level.

Step 7
The queue system is updated so that it will try not to match the same people together too often.

Step 8
Users can queue for a duel and go to any dimension (including zombies) while waiting.


Will we be able to make arenas as players?

You will NOT be able to make them on the PvP or Duel dimension, but you absolutely can attempt to make an arena on the build dimension, or on your own worlds!
If you want to submit duel arenas, your best bet is to DM me on Discord (@Blanc#6336) with the world file you built the arena on, OR ping me on the DG Discord, and try to line up some time for me to go in-game and check out the arena!
I would HIGHLY suggest anyone looking to submit custom made PvP Arenas get other experienced PvPers to mess around in them and work out the kinks, as we want to provide a very high-quality PvP experience wherever possible, so the bar for arenas may be a little bit high.

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I don’t have discord account, and I hate using discord. Is there any other way I can contact you? Like how I am right now?

Yes, you can simply send me a message on the forums by going to my profile (by clicking on my name) and clicking message.

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Remaining to address before moving on to step 3

  • Score isn’t shown, neither in-duel in the ui, or in the post game message
  • If one player leaves, the other will remain in the duel with nothing happening, unable to progress.
  • When someone dies, the other player is killed, and “player killed themself” shows up in chat. If this message can be removed, it should be to reduce clutter. This function can also break and repeat itself multiple times for some reason.
  • Duel can still occasionally break for seemingly no reason, terminating before players are even warped to the arena, sending “The Battle was terminated.” and leaving the players in the pre-game arena. This should at least warp players back to the gamemodes dimension, and kick them out of the lobby