Fiery Crags Overview

After millions of years, the monsters trapped in Tartarus are ready to fight their human captors! Can you survive? Or will you just be another victim of the might of hell?


FIery Crags was created by me in hopes of creating a new challenge for veteran zombies players. Its layout requires extensive parkour to avoid surface hellstone patches. It is intended for a decently large group of people with different classes and abilities to combine all the strengths and negate all the weaknesses as best as possible. Its high armor prices encourage farming, and the weapons are definitely up to the task. This map is not made for newbies. Just a warning.

There are two volcanoes on this map: one to the direct left of spawn and one to the direct right of spawn. If you go over the right volcano, you can see Ammo Chest #1 (potions) on a ledge, and Accessory Chest #3 in a cave on the side. To go through the left volcano, you must get past the hellstone floor. To progress, you must hop along to make sure you don’t burn to death. Just note that there are geysers on the sides of the platform hidden in the lava. Additionally, to reach Accessory Chests 4, 5, and 2, there is a tiny platform parkour on the right side of the left volcano. The platform is hard to find, but if you do find it, the parkour isn’t hard unless you have high lag or bad coordination. On the left of this massive volcano, there is Accessory Chest #1, HP chest, and MP chest in a cluster in a clearing. Additionally, there is an ammo chest on the left ledge that supplies infinite gel bags and bullets and arrows.

More information here: Fiery Crags


Bone Serpent

Bone Serpent is the tank melee class. WIth tank-based accessories and armor, this class was built for battle in every way possible. It can mow down enemies with swords, spears, and yoyos as its weapons. It is highly recommended to use this class if you are solo or with a few people. It also works in groups to serve as a dummy while the other glass cannons destroy everything. The Bone Serpent is generally more suited to a single target, though yoyos and spears can also handle crowds with ease.


Hellbat is the ranger class. WIth glass cannon-y accessories and armor, this class is built for destroying enemies in seconds. The weapons to choose from are bows, guns, and flamethrowers. Bows are primarily meant for single targets, though they can handle crowds as well as you progress farther into the game. Guns are also meant for single targets, though they can handle crowds too. Flamethrowers are primarily for crowd control, though they can devastate single targets as well. Hellbats are generally suited for crowd control. This class is highly recommended for a group of at least 2 people, as its low defense is not incredibly suited for solo.


Demon is the mage class. WIth glass-cannon oriented accessories and armor, this class is made for bursts of insanely high damage output. The weapons to choose from are staves, spell tomes, and magic guns. All three can handle crowds and single targets, but spell tomes are slightly better for crowds, magic guns for single targets, while staves can handle both decently well. Demons are not made for solo gameplay, as their high mana usage leaves them defenseless. This class tandems really well with the other classes though, so using this in a group is advised.

Fire Imp

Fire Imp is the summoner class. It is glass cannon early game but slowly gets tankier and tankier as you progress. It has constant high damage output, though its early game is pretty rough. The weapons to choose from are whips, minions, and sentries. Whips are meant for single targets, but the higher tier ones can handle crowds decently well too. Minions and sentries are made for crowd control, but early-tier sentries aren’t really made for single targets. However, don’t be fooled by this class’s surprising lack of power early game! It rapidly gains insane amounts of power as you progress through the tiers, and it is arguably the most overpowered class in the late game. Due to said underpower early game, it is good in groups.

This map will hopefully earn an improved DP/XP modifier… after all, it is made as a Shadow’s Descent 2.0.



more like Bio Clusters 2.0


if it had anything but emptiness, 80% of the weapons wouldn’t work.


I edited it a tiny bit to fix a few things I thought could be phrased better. Even before my changes though, it looks great!


i mean no custom bg or whatever


that’s because its meant to mimic how hell looks in my mind. the natural terraria background is better than anything anybody could make.

  1. no
  2. vanilla just boring

sometimes vanilla is best smh