Custom Mob Waves

Simply put, allow the mob order of zombies to be tied to the map rather than global for zombies.
This would allow individual maps much more customization with themed maps, and would also let users customize their maps difficulty, and would allow maps that function fundamentally different from typical zombies without much additional effort.
This would also prevent certain mobs breaking like sand elementals on Lunar Shaft, but being functional on many other maps.
I would suggest this to be something that the map maker would plan out on paper, then run through a Zombies Manager before having it implemented, additionally I would suggest having the current mob order be the default order if nothing is decided upon by the map creator.

Yes, let’s make lunar actually challenging >:)


How does this interact with events?


Maybe you can replace certain mobs always so if someone has like a spore zombie in their map, it’s forced to become splintering I guess

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I would assume that if this can be applied to event-specialized mobs, then there wouldn’t be too much of a problem, at least. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the customized mob spawns would interfere in one way or another, be it the map owners opinion or just straight up customized mobs being a pain in the arse. Just an outsiders pov on it yes

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